Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday Fun

Hello all you Woofers,

A Happy Bank Holiday to you all!

We've been busy little puppies today, loads of running about and helping Old Two Legs and exploring new places!

First of all, we got up early and after our walk with The Missus across the fields we helped OTL load up the car with even more rubbish that was destined for the rubbish tip. Including the Clothes Iron that TM set alight the other day!

When we finished,OTL said we were going to a new place, a place we had not been to before!

We sat up front of the car and watched all the signs as we got closer, it was a place called Teston Country Park, down by the river Medway.

When we got there we had a super run about in the field by the car park, you know OTL had to pay loads of money just to park the car there while we went for a wander! He was muttering things about robbers and crooks!

Teston Bridge over the River Medway
We started off by going down river, but had to turn back 'cos in the field were a load of Heifers that looked like they could tread on us puppies, so we turned around and went up stream past the boat lock.

We pulled faces at some swans that were swimming near the pontoon and they hissed at us, you know I thought that Mute Swans didn't make any noise!

A Hissing Cobb!
Holly blew a couple of raspberries and we ran off, straight into the paws of Peter, a funny looking Labrador who was the same age as us, eighteen months but he was three times our size!

Hello Peter!
We said hello and had a sniff, then we wandered off along the bank again.

When we got back to the field we had a little rest and for fun, Holly jumped onto the table and told OTL to fetch her chicken strips, well, it was worth a try!

Fetch me my Lunch!
On the way home we dropped into the Riverside Park and OTL got us to sit still while he took a photo of us both. Not the best photo we've seen but worth putting on the blog!

Back to work again tomorrow, I suppose that means we have to catch up on missed sleep, what with all this running about we've been doing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Yes £1.70 for all day parking would up set OTL. Honest I feel sorry for him (not much). He should have gone today as it was only £1.20 He hee

  2. I think the one of D&H at the end is fabulous. Well done OTL.