Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hi Woofers,

D&H Back again!

The wind had dropped this morning, it was still a breeze but no where near as strong as yesterday.

Talking of yesterday, we got home and our paws were covered in dried river mud, so Old Two Legs brushed it clean last night, or so we thought. This morning we had our normal brush and there were still clumps of dried mud, but on our tummy fur. OTL brushing away was pulling on the hair every time he brushed and it made both of us jump!

So in the end he had to crush the lumps with his fingers and then brush us.

They are pretty useful those fingers sometimes, but I'd rather stick with my claws, they are much better for digging!

We had a super game of 'chase' around the house and garden, at almost full speed, in and out of the chairs, up and down the stairs, behind the sofa and out through the kitchen door, around the back of the shed, loop around the bird bath, over the rockery and back into the kitchen and off again for lap two!

I pretended to be Jenson Button and Holly was Lewis Hamilton.

OTL & The Missus were laughing at us as we ran past, it was a good, mad ten minutes. Well after that we just curled up on the bed for our 'after breakfast snooze'!

We went over to see The Boys but there was only Matt there as Tom has gone off to an 'Adventure Course'  set up by his school, swinging around on ropes and stuff. Looks scarry!

The garden was in the middle of being re designed, well they have cleared all the old trees and bushes away so there is nowhere to hide!

Holly had found a chew she had buried a long time ago and was having a gnaw, so, I went down the garden and did my 'Chase Me' pose, you know, resting on elbows with bottom and tail in the air.

At first Holly took no notice, so I did it again and again. In the end Holly came chasing after me. I shot past her and grabbed the chew and ran off with it.

She was livid!

I got chased around the garden for at least ten minutes, ducking, dodging and diving but with no bushes or trees, there was nowhere I could hide.

So, in the end I let her have it back and every time I went near to her she would start her 'Grumbly' warning for me to keep away from her chew!

It didn't taste that good anyway!

Sorry but we have no photos to show you TM forgot to take her camera with her, she's getting old and forgetful, I suppose that is caused by making too many cards and not getting enough fresh air!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy &  (Grumbly) Holly


  1. Daisy you shouldn't tease Holly as much as you do but it is fun reading about it have spoken to your missus a couple of times this week very talented isn't she Jasper's not been to good the past few days had a poorly ear but the drops seem to working now and he has picked up abit he was in the dog house yesterday we went out and he ate all the cat's food and opened packets of his own and I'm sure he tried to get in the fridge again I bet you don't get up to that sort of thing do you anyway see you soon
    Jacki xx

  2. Poor old TM , yes like all of us she is getting forgetful. You have to make exceptions for us adults. Its all right for you two young wippersnappers.

  3. Huh! Not so much of the 'Old Missus' young Daisy or I might forget to order your treats and chews from Mr Tesco this week !!