Thursday, 2 June 2011

A day in the park

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again.

What a wonderful day it is, sun shine everywhere, Holly has been in the garden catching up on her tan and I've been burying her bone in the flower bed, but don't tell The Missus or I'll be in deep poo!

We were just lazing about when Old Two Legs gets a phone call, it was TM calling to say that she was just down the road and she had brought The Boys with her to see us.

Well, there we were sitting at the bedroom window watching out for her and getting all excited and woofing and jumping up and down.

Then they arrived, it was a mad few minutes saying 'Hello' to everyone and woofing and running around the house.

OTL retired to the office where he was playing with some radio stuff and we had a snooze on our day beds.

There was a 'Ding Dong' from his computer and a message flashed onto the screen, it said 'Daisy & Holly to the vets for Worming Tablet', oh no, not the worming tablet game again!

It's always good fun this is, OTL tries to get us to swallow the tablet and we keep spitting it out!

This means OTL has to try loads of different foods he can hide the tablet in so we won't notice. Does he think we are that stupid? We can smell a Worming Tablet a mile away!

The Boys arrived and after a bit of lunch we all went off vet for the Worming tablets and then onto The New Park.

It was great, loads of other dogs and we had a run up and down the hill, at least The Boys are faster at running than OTL!
Kicking up Dust!
We stopped at the swimming hole for a paddle to cool off, we didn't go swimming 'cos there were other dogs jumping in and splashing everyone!

A Cool Paddle
 Then The Boys decided to have a paddle and Holly suggested a swim but they said no because it was too deep. Holly said it wasn't deep as it only came half way up a duck, but they didn't believe her!

What about a swim?
What with all the splashing going on, we went over the bridge and I pretended I was flying again!

A Flying Doggy!

We wanted to see down into the field where the Not Not Neddies lived but we couldn't see that far, so, we did our trick of 'Pick us up OTL' and he did!

Then we could see into the field!

Left a bit OTL!
Over in the next field we saw the Not Not Neddies and woofed a 'Hello' but they just stamped their foot and whistled at us, so Holly and me blew a big raspberry that made OTL jump and nearly drop us!!

A bald Neddy!
 Another fun day over, we are going to bed early tonight and think of somewhere to go tomorrow.

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly

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  1. Awww it was great today Daisy, all of us together on an adventure! x