Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Dragonfly for OTL!

Yo Woofers!

D&H back again and looking forward to the weekend.

We went out with The Missus this morning and bumped into Norrie and Jane, for the second time this week. Norrie is a big soppy long haired type of Labrador dog who gets all excited when she sees Old Two Legs and rolls on her back to have her tummy tickled!

When we got back OTL gave us our brush and as a reward he gave us a Doggy Choccy Drop together with the worming tablet. Now come on, just how daft does he think we are?

Choccy drop gone, spit out tablet!

Just to get his hopes up, we lick the tablet a couple of times, well, he did go to the extra expense of getting a 'Flavoured' Worming Tablet, in fact the taste was something like Marmite! Which is not all bad but you couldn't live on it all the time!

We went out at lunch time and had a run around the Riverside Park, not very long 'cos OLT had to deliver some stuff in Dartford, which was OK really 'cos on the way back, The New Park, again!

We had a good run there and said hello again, to the now bald Not Not Neddies!

Bald Not Not Neddies
They couldn't get away 'cos we sneaked up on them, so after woofing 'hello' they whistled and stamped their feet and got all 'showy off', so we blew another raspberry and ran off to the swimming hole where OTL started taking pictures of a Dragonfly that was flying all over the place!

Southern Hawker, we think!
  On the way back, we stopped at the Not Not Neddies again and saw what a mess they looked after they had their haircut, Holly reckons they should had asked for their money back cos they looked worse than sheep after they've had their hair cut, and that's really bad!

Let's face it, if we came back from our hair cut like that OTL would have a thing or two to say!

Getting back to the Worming Tablets, we've had some fun. It took OLT a half an hour to make sure I had swallowed all the tablet. He tried giving it whole, wrapped in some liver, then cut in half, wrapped in some liver and finally, crushed and spread over some liver!

Holly took the whole tablet, wrapped in some liver and swallowed it down in one go, but she has always been a greedy puppy!

Friday tomorrow, half day and an adventure, providing it's not too hot!

Bye the way, we hope Jaspers ear has got better and that he has not turned into a cat, you have to be careful when eating cat food, you start looking at birds and thinking, 'I bet that tastes nice'!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Mmmm you are a bit mean abt the4 Not, not neddies !

  2. Well done Kendo wonderful DF (depth of focus) as well as the Dragonfly

  3. Just got to say that the picture of 'baldy' is a hoot!! Priceless :)

  4. Still think D&H Bank holiday Monday is A CRACKER, last image. I would have that on the wall if they were my dogs.