Friday, 24 June 2011

Fun Friday

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly here again.

We had some fun this morning, early this morning, in fact, very early this morning!

As you remember, yesterday we got a super chew from Auntie Karen (Cat Person) and we settled down to a wonderful evening of gnawing away at it. Holly suggested we take them to bed for a midnight chew, but I said that would wake up The Missus and Old Two Legs.

Well, Holly being Holly, she took no notice and got caught, in the bedroom with a chew, on OTL's bed.

So he took it away from her and put it on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom, where Holly couldn't get to it.

That left my chew, in the hall way, placed in a safe place behind the big purple bag TM uses when she goes cropping.

Around three this morning I was woken up by the sound of Holly having a good gnaw on My Chew!

That was it,out I went and we had a grumble and a woof and I got it off her, then had a chew myself. Problem was, it sort of woke TM up, so we pretended that we wanted to have a wee and shot down to the garden door to be let out. When the door was opened, we rushed out and pretended to have a wee, at top speed, you know, out, turn around and back again and racing up stairs to the chew before Holly got to it!

We got into bed and after TM got back to bed, we crept out to where I hid the chew, we had turns in gnawing and when one got tired the other took over, so no more woofing. Slowly the chew got gnawed until it disappeared!

That was OK, until we remembered that there was Holly's chew on top of the chest of drawers but we couldn't get to it.

Well, things were sort of 'normal' in the morning, everyone got up and we went out for a walk then OTL brushed us and made us look super smart again and he went off up stairs to the office.

Holly followed OTL while I stayed to see if there was any chicken left from last night.

I heard her woof at OTL but didn't think anything of it.

Suddenly, Holly rushed past me and into the garden and appeared to go sniffing around the tree trunk. Little did I know, she had got her chew from on top of the chest of drawers by woofing at OTL, then rushed into the garden to hide it from me!

It wasn't long before I spotted it!

Holly was there in a flash and decide to move it to a safer place!

It's not safe here!
So, she picks it up and tries to give it to OTL for safe keeping, but he's not having any of that!

That would be taking sides!

So here we are wondering where to hide it!

Just where is a Safe Place?
Needless to say, Holly has got to get past my super sniffing nose, OTL's big feet where he is always treading on stuff and of course TM's need to keep the place 'Tidy'.

Mind you it's a different thing when she's playing at card making, there's rubbish all over the place!

To help Holly decide, OTL took us back to the New Park for a run.

I tried ever so hard to be 'confident', as OTL tells me I should, so, when I saw another doggy, I lay down in play mode but kept my tail up in the air to make it look like I was 'Boss Lady' and it worked!

Call me Miss!
That was OK right up to when she wanted to sniff my tail.

Nice Tail!
I got all upset and growled at her, then ran away!

One day I'll be big and brave!

Back home to hunt for Holly's chew!

Bye bye for now, see your tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Holly's chew should be in her tummy by now.

  2. Daisy and Holly love Aunty Karen ....very much!!!

  3. I bet food will always win