Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hunting Foxes

Hi Woofers,

It's Daisy & Holly again.

We've had a funny old day today, first of all we overslept, you know we were still asleep at six thirty!

Old Two Legs was up and working early, so that means we sneak into the bedroom and have a snooze on his bed!

The Missus caught Holly chewing a rawhide chew on the bed and took it away and waved her finger at Holly.

Holly was not a happy puppy, in fact she showed off by being grumpy and not moving off the bed all morning!

Lunch time OTL took us out and we went to The Farm again, it was fun charging in and out of the trees chasing pretend rabbits!

Holly Hunting Pretend Rabbits!
There were some men digging a hole in the ground so they can plant a notice board, they were making so much noise that I got a bit worried and OTL had to carry me on his shoulders until we were past them!

Later on we had to go out again! So this time we ended up at The Lakes, we chased a real rabbit and then Holly spotted a fox! We were of like a couple of Wire Haired Fox Hunting Rockets!

Spot The Fox!
 Trouble is, the fox was faster and we lost it in the bushes, so we had to go back to OTL and admit we lost the fox!

Foxy Gone!
We did see some ducks and woofed at them from the bridge but they just hiss'd at us!

Hissin Ducks

So rude!

Tomorrow we have to go and have our hair cut and a bath (Yuk) and our nails clipped and then sprayed with something that make TM go 'Oooooh don't they smell lovely'

I know it cost OTL a fortune but it is not our favourite activity, rolling in the fox poo afterwards is better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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