Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Photographing Poppies

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

It's been a warm day today, we've had a fun time chasing around the garden and then woofing at the postman.

The Missus was up early this morning, seems she had a dream about a card last night and wanted to start on it before she forgot her dream!

I do that sometimes, but it's food I dream about and there's never any there when I wake up!

We had a cuddle with Old Two Legs and moved off to the day bed for a snooze, before going out for a walk across The Fields. We didn't meet anyone, so we reckoned we were either too early or too late!

Lunchtime we went off with OTL to The Farm so he can try his hand at photographing plants using his new Plamp.

Well, there was OTL, camera on the tripod, head down looking into the camera and kneeling down in the field. So, Holly decided that OTL's lap would be a super place for a cuddle and climbed up! Me, well, I decided that the best place was to climb onto OTL's camera bag and have a snooze while he waited for the wind to stop blowing.

Poor old OTL, he suffers from hay fever which makes him sneeze every time he gets close to grass or flower pollen. Now just imagine his attempts to photograph a 'Floppy Poppy'.

He set up the tripod and gets the camera set up and waited for the wind to drop, it dropped enough for him to press the shutter but just at that moment he sneezed one of his big sneezes and blew the flower into a wobble. Then the wind came back and blew the flower back again the other way.Then the wind dropped and just as he was about to press the shutter, he sneezed again, the flower wobbled again.

And so it went on, sneeze, blow, sneeze, blow, blow, sneeze. Poor flower was in danger of getting stalk fatigue!

He managed to get some pictures but I think he needs to go back and try again when the wind drops!

Standard Poppy

Purple Poppy
 I think he has a lot more practise to do, maybe he should stick to plastic flowers to begin with!

We got some turkey tonight mixed with some doggy food and OTL has promised us a brush before going to bed!

We were all down stairs watching Countrywise on the TV and there was a bit about Gun Dogs. As soon as I saw them I was up on my feet woofing and grumbling at them. Holly,  hearing me woofing an grumbling started woofing in support, trouble was, she didn't know what I was woofing at, so she ran around the room woofing at everything!

I don't think she can see the TV screen very well, but then, I can't see distances very well!

So, we will be back tomorrow and who knows, OTL may try the flower thing again, if he stops sneezing!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Betty: My Mum had a dream about being bitten by an adder - I knew she shouldn't have watched Spring Watch on that box thing they sit in front of, I thing it's stupid because there were some horses on it and I barked at them and they took NO NOTICE at all - hurumph

  2. Lovely pictures OTL..... I cannot decide which one I like the best ... the red one is gorgeous and the mauve one is full of interesting insects! .... clever stuff xx