Saturday, 11 June 2011

Rainy Saturday

Hi All!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Saturday was a funny day, sort off. Well I got up good and early and jumped onto the bed to say 'Good Morning' to Old Two Legs, you know, paw on the cheek and a good wash of the ear and bald patch on top of his head. I thought it was the best way to wake him up at five thirty in the morning.

He went all 'Grumbly' and went back to sleep again, so, I wandered over to The Missus and gave her a lick, she went all 'Grumbly' as well. I supose it's because they don't get enough sleep, you know they stay up past ten thirty in the evening!

After getting up and taking us for a walk we were both put in the car, 'walkies' we thought, but no, horror upon horror, we stopped at The Vets, oh no, now what?

We went in and got weighed again, 7.6Kg for Holly and 6.3Kg for me. That Holly is getting porkier by the day, too much food!

Surprise surprise, OTL brought a bag of Doggy Lumps that the vet had recommended on our last (booster injection) visit. That wasn't too bad, we got out of there as soon as OTL had emptied his wallet into their till!

We had our walk down by he Sea Wall and then off we went to see The Boys.

Not only did we have our own food brought by TM but there was a fire in a bucket in the garden and food was being cooked on it. Holly and I managed to mug a lamb chop each plus a few bits of meat from different people around the fire!

We didn't dig too many holes but we had a good chase around the garden!

TM & OTL came and collected us, which was good 'cos we were beginning to wonder where they had gone and how long they'd be!

Back home in time for OTL to get a whisky nightcap and for us to get a nibble of shortbread!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly
(both with full tummies)


  1. It's the whisky that makes him grumpy of a morning

  2. Poor little Daisy, I think you need more of that food! Still you will be more agile and will be easier to catch those shortbreads if they should happen to fall.

  3. They won't be getting many more 'shortbreads' if they keep waking us up at 5.30 every morning!! :)