Friday, 17 June 2011

Wet walk in the park

Yo Ho Woofers!

D&H back with you again.

What a damp day it has been today, we got a dry walk first thing this morning but it seems that every time we stick our heads out of the door, we get wet!

Half way through the morning we decided we wanted a wee in the garden, out we went and it was one of the quickest trips I've ever had!

Lunch time Old Two Legs had to deliver some stuff, so we made a dash for the car and off we went. The windscreen wipers were slapping back and forth every so often, so the rain wasn't very heavy.

Off we went to The New Park and out we fell into the car park, Holly and me rushed into the field and straight away did a wee, well we had gone a long time without one!

It was raining a bit but we decided we should be able to put up with it, well, that was until Holly decided it was getting wetter!

We were walking on the path, behind OTL, and Holly kept stopping and looking back. OTL would call her and she would take a couple more steps towards OTL, stop, look behind her and walk back a couple of steps. Now, you don't need to be too clever to work out that Holly didn't like the rain, she had her wee and now wanted to get back to the car and the heater!

Back we went, well, OTL put us on the lead and we dragged OTL back at a run!

In the car we got a quick rub down with a Highland Tartan Scarf that The Missus sometimes wears. Now it needs a wash before she puts it around her shoulders again!

Back home to a rub down with our own towel then a snooze in the office until we had dried off enough for OTL to give us a brush, we always feel better after a brush!

Tonight we got a real mix for dinner, first of all there was doggy food, mixed with a bit of chicken and then later OTL put some of his gammon steak into our bowls and mixed it up with the doggy food, so by the time we had finished, we had eaten most of the doggy food while trying to get to the chicken and gammon!

OTL took his camera out in the car but left it there when we went walking, so no pictures today!

Tomorrow TM is off to her local crop, so all day with OTL, if it stops raining we may go on an 'adventure', if not, then it may be a hard day sleeping in the day bed!

You have no idea just how tired you can get doing nothing!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Huh! I wondered why my scarf was in the 'wash' and all smelly!!!

  2. Who left it in the car?
    Look on Mikes' Blog, he has sorted out why his pictures are small when you click on them.
    Hope you had a good "Crop".