Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another Ball Chasing Day

Yo Ho Woofers!

D&H back with you again.

We've got into trouble again! Well, sort of, you see about four this morning Holly and I were woken by a couple of pussy cats having a sing song outside the window. As the window was open, the noise was loud, so, being Guard Dogs, we set about guarding the house and getting rid of intruders, including those singing pussies.

The Missus was not too happy about the woofing and growling and snarling and told us to get back to bed. So, being good puppies we did, except it was difficult getting back to sleep 'cos TM was tossing and turning and making a noise, just 'cos she couldn't get back to sleep again!

It wasn't our fault the cats were singing and we were only doing our duty woofing them off, there's no pleasing some people!

Holly and me went out with OTL to do some deliveries and afterwards we went to the Sea Wall, which was fine as far as sniffs go but we saw a few fishermen on the sea wall. Again, not so strange, except that the tide was right out and you had trouble seeing the water, it was that far out!

Strange these fishermen!

A little later, OTL got his boots on and off we went to do some more deliveries and after, we ended up at the New Park.

On the way there, we smelt a new ball in OTL's jacket pocket, so Holly and I took turns in digging our noses into his pocket and fetching it out!

Once in the park OTL threw the ball for us, first pretending to throw it behind him, so we'd run like the wind expecting the ball to drop in front of us. When it didn't, we turned around to see him throw it ahead of him, the way we were going!

Sneaky OTL!

I was almost always the first to get to the ball, so I started to 'Muller' it ever so slightly.

Expert Ball Mullering
Holly got a little fed up so she went off to say hello to a passing Alsatian we have met before.

Hello Herman!
We were soon down at the Swimming Hole and I rushed in to get the ball OTL had thrown for us. Holly still only goes in up to her tummy and then woofs at me!

I jumped straight in and even put my head under the water to get the ball!

Out I came with the ball, but I couldn't see very well 'cos the water had washed my fur flat and it was difficult seeing through wet fur!
Where's the shore?
Now I don't mind being wet and dripping water all over OTL's feet but I wish that my fur wasn't so 
'See Through'!

 It was starting to get crowded and some big Labrador dogs arrived and they were woofing and jumping in the water, so OTL says we will go for a walk around the Swimming Hole until they settle down. That was OK by me, Holly said she could do with a walk as well.

Still got my ball!
OTL was throwing the ball for us and we were having fun Mullering it as normal. When we got back to the Swimming Hole, OTL threw it in for me.

It went high into the air and when it hit the water, it disappeared! It didn't float any more, just 'cos I bit a big hole in it!

When it hit the water it went 'Gloop!' and disappeared. A Labrador helped me look for it, but  it had gone.

Can you see it?
OTL said we should have a run through the grass to dry off, I was not a happy puppy, I didn't want to go home, I wanted to have another swim and chase the ball again. So, I just sat down, showed off and kept looking at the Swimming Hole, just to let OTL know I waned to stay but he kept walking towards the car, so finally, I got up and followed OTL and Holly. Maybe tomorrow I'll try not to 'Muller' the ball before we get to the Swimming Hole.

Can't we stay OTL?
When we got home TM gave us dinner and with big full tummies we set about having a game. We were throwing a bit of rubber ball around and TM saw us. She was so sad to see us without our ball, she went to the box and got a new one out and gave it to Holly and me!

Yep, you guessed right, we Mullered it and now it's in the bin!

See you tomorrow and watch out for the rain, they tell me it's going to be thunderstorms and floods and stuff like that!


Daisy & Holly


  1. You two live the good life don't you .... however keep waking me up with yer woofin at 4am in the morning and no more Chicken fer you!!! :)

  2. You must cost more in rubber ball than food.
    Waking TM up at 4am you are in real trouble.