Thursday, 28 July 2011

A day with little activity

Hello All You Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back again with you!

What a super sunny day it has been here, we've been out in the garden  chasing each other around trying to grab each others tail, woofing at the Postman who was ringing the door bell, but Old Two Legs was in the shower and missed him all together!

That was a shame 'cos the postman was trying to deliver some special socks OTL had ordered up, especially to go walking in the Scottish hills and mountains.

So we had to visit the Post Office at lunch time just to pick up the parcel!

OTL has been working hard today, moving bits of paper around and rattling away on the computer keyboard, he says he's being a good OTL and getting all the paperwork out of the way before the holiday so he can go away and not worry.

Why bother? We don't worry about the paperwork and it has done us no harm!

We reckon it's more fun just laying in the garden catching up on our tans!

Catching up on the Tan!

Holly reckons we will look 'The Business' when we get to the beach!

We have spent the day arguing about a couple of bones OTL gave us, they are filled in the middle with some super tasting stuff that Holly and me have been slowly digging out. Now, we want to take them indoors and enjoy a chew on the sofa, trouble is, TM has got other ideas!

So, we sneak them in, TM catches us and throws the bones out into the garden, we sneak them in again and TM finds them and out they go again!

This evening we managed to get OTL to allow us to bring them into the kitchen, but only as far as the door.

TM has warned him, if she see's the bones in the lounge, both he, us and the bones will be in the garden!

It just seems that we are having a never ending battle and it's great fun!

Bye for now, we're off to bed now, but we may sneak down during the night, just to have a lick of the bones!

I wonder if TM would like a lick of the bones about three in the morning?


Daisy & Holly 


  1. "Them bones" sound very tasty and not a bit dry, somehow I don't think TM would like to lick them at any time of the night or day. You be good and let the paperwork get done then you can have a super holiday.

  2. If you value them bones you won't even think about it. They won't be out the door but over the fence never to be seen again.