Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Slow, Laidback, Sort of Sunday

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We are a little dopey today, well, not so energetic as normal. I think it was the late night we had. You see, me and Holly and OTL stayed up late last night and as The Missus was away over night, we got a Kofti Kebab in for OTL and of course we mugged him for a taster. It was OK but we prefer the chicken strips we get from the Doggy Shop!

We were all sitting on the sofa, telling jokes and mugging OTL for some shortbread. He had got the whisky decanter out and was doing a very technical experiment, seeing if the whisky was better at the top of the decanter or at the bottom. As he explained, before you can do the test properly, you've got to remove the middle bit!

Well, we all overslept and didn't wake up until seven thirty!

After our morning walk across the Fields we got back and found TM had got back, so we gave her a 'Welcome Back' lick  and rushed off to see what was for breakfast, Doggy Food, YUK, oh double YUK!

Oh well, back to mugging OTL!

Lunch time came and we went out to the Football Field and OTL took a ball with us to chase. We chased it so much we even forgot to have a wee!

First off I got to it first every time, then OTL held me back while Holly got a head start and Holly and I got to the ball almost at the same time, clever OTL!

Mine you, when Holly got the ball first, I found that if I grabbed her tail, she would drop the ball and turn around to grab me, but by then I'd got the ball and was off like the wind!

From there we went down to the Sea Wall.

Off to the Beach!
When we got to the beach, the tide was out, so, no swimming or paddling or even woofing at the waves!

Sea's Gone!
That left us with just one thing to do, mug a fisherman or two for some food. Our luck was out again, no fishermen.

All we found was one family sitting on the sea wall looking out to the mud that they wanted to be covered with water.

On the prowl for people with food!
Lets face it, today was going to be a 'Hungry' day, Doggy Food and no Fishermen, we were not Happy Puppies!

When we got back home OTL told us he had a treat for us, our first question was 'can we eat it'? The second was 'can we have it now'?

It was two of the Pork Bones OTL had got from the Doggy Shop! 

The one problem we had was that TM would not let us bring them inside the house. I mean, all we want to do is to lay on the sofa and have a good gnaw of a greasy pork bone!

So we had to stay outside with them. We stood guard over them to protect them against he foxes and badgers pinching them. It was a chance to show off our guarding skills to TM and OTL!

It was also to stop Holly from pinching mine and me pinching Holly's!
D&H Guarding in 'Full Alert' mode!
Well, that was it really, a good laid back lazy sort of Sunday and an early night 'cos we are going to pick up the caravan tomorrow from the place that serviced it for us. Now it's already for the holiday and so are we!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Nice lazy day them, just like me.

  2. Look after that bone won't you, too nice to have nicked.

  3. looks like they hav had a fab time at the beach