Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday with OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again with a big problem. Let me tell you the story.

Holly and I woke up at our normal time and The Missus took us out for our morning walk across the fields, which was OK with us and we were looking forward to our breakfast, liver and biscuits, one of our favourites!

Old Two Legs gave Holly her medicine and then we both had a brush, Holly and me that is!

Then OTL got out a brightly coloured plastic thing that he then proceeded to blow up with the foot pump he uses to pump up the car tyres. Well, when it was blown up he then filled it with water! Now don't think we are slow, but neither Holly or I have ever seen anything like before, and we couldn't think what it was for and were also wondering if OTL had finally gone potty!

After a while it all became clear, OTL had got us a paddling pool!

Cool Puppy!
Holly and I took turns getting in and out and wetting our feet. It was good fun and even better when OTL started to throw our ball into the pool for us to chase.

I Gorra The Ball!
Holly and I had a super time and we had a contest to see who could get the ball first after OTL threw it.

There was the Collard Dove sitting on the feeder who was keeping score!

Winner is Daisy!
After we had our game Holly and I just lazed around the pool catching up on our sun tans and ordering drinks and eating nibbles!

Pool Babes!
Come lunch time OTL took us out to the New Park for a run. On the way he showed us a ball he had brought with him. He then put it into his coat pocket to keep it safe, that was a challenge! Next thing I was into his pocket and grabbing the ball. Holly and me had fun chasing it around the car until I settled down to give it a good 'Mullering'! By the time we got to the park it had a hole in the side and was well chewed!

Chasing a 'Non Bouncing Ball'
OTL threw it for us but it did not bounce, it just ran along the ground, that meant it was easy for me to get to it first.

We got down to the Swimming Hole and OTL tried his old trick of throwing in in for me to catch, well I played with it for a while, you know, pawing it and picking it up then dropping it again.

All of a sudden, a load of doggies turned up and we had a great time chasing each other in and out of the water. I totally forgot about my ball.

Last sight of the ball.
When I finally remembered the ball, I turned around and it was gone! Some sneaky little mutt had nicked it!

Well that was it, Holly and I walked off to the Orchard part of the Park and we had a super game of 'Run & Chase' so much so, Holly got all hot and worn out. So she asked OTL for a carry for a while!

Carry me OTL!
OTL said that the idea was for Holly to get loads of exercise and lose weight so she became as slim and super trim like me!

Holly told me to 'Shut Up' when OTL is carrying her, and anyway she liked being a 'Porky Puppy'!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. I hope you have your toe nails clipped and filed!! Our neighbours had a big high sided pool for the children and Stella their Jack Russell got over zealous and made holes in the bottom and gradually the water seeped away.

  2. Poor Holly, she cant help being a "Porky Puppy". Bless her she has not been well and needs another bowl of chicken.

  3. What do you mean finally gone potty?

    Nice shot of the Dove

  4. OTL has been potty for years girls!! It must be a hard life being a 'pool babe' and waiting for your drinks and nibbles .....!