Friday, 22 July 2011

Sunshine, Clouds and F1 Practice!

Hi Woofers,

D&H here again.

First of all we have all got to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Michael who is now looking out for his first wage packet as a 'Professional Layabout'

Happy Birthday Michael!
We did our Happy Birthday song this morning but The Missus told us to be quiet or we will wake the street up!

We watched the F1 practice and Holly fell asleep 'cos the noise of the engines seem to sing a lullaby to her and her eyes just close and before you know it, she's snoring, just like Old Two Legs!

After the practice we went off to the caravan shop to get a few things we need for the holiday and OTL had a look at a new caravan but as TM says, 'it's still not a patch on our one'!

Phew! I think OTL got away with that!

Off we went to the Lakes. Now we don't often get down here unless we take The Boys as well, so it made a change to take OTL and TM, especially as we have to pay a parking fee to park the car, robbery OTL calls it!

I go chasing rabbits.
As soon as we were off the lead, Holly and me rushed off to find some rabbits to chase, at first I saw one and rushed after it but lost it in the bushes, it was only OTL calling me that stopped me digging deeper into the rabbit hole!

Me and Holly chasing rabbits!
A little while later both me and Holly spotted another rabbit and we went after that one like rockets on legs, a real four wheel drive puppy!

By the time we decided the rabbit was lost, we both were very hot and thirsty, so it was good that the lake was so close, we both had a drink and then I flopped down for a cooling rest.

Cool Doggies!
As we were enjoying a rest up came this enormous Greyhound called Maximilian, but everyone calls him Max.

We said 'Hello' and watched him as he paddled out into the water to cool his legs.

Maximilian being real cool!
Max said that he was good at posing for the camera 'cos it was built into his genes, 'cos he comes from a long line of Regal Greyhounds. To prove it he stood in front of OTL and posed while OTL took some pictures.

My Best Side!
First of all he started off with what he called his 'Best Side'. This he said makes him look alert and ready for the hunt. Trouble was he never really could get excited about hunting, just too much effort!

This is my 'Moody Look'
Then he did his 'Moody' pose, he says this one drives all the Greyhound Bitches wild. Holly said it didn't do anything for her!

Wanna Play?
We walked on for a bit and listen to him talk about his family of Super Stars at the race track and how he was the Black Sheep 'cos he didn't like to run too much. Then he said, Wanna Play and went of at a slow trot down the path saying this was called 'Chase'.

Holly says she runs faster than that and does he have a second gear?

Max thought that was funny and laughed all over his face.

You are funny puppies!
He said that if he started to run it would take him a mile just to slow down and he was just being kind to us 'cos we had short legs.

We agreed that his legs were long and would possibly go faster than us, if he ever decided to run!

On the way back to the car we came across some Greylag Geese, Holly and me wanted to say hello but OTL put us on the lead so we couldn't chase the geese.

Holly was sniffing like mad, she had never been so close to a goose before and wanted to know if they smelt like chicken, trouble was, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction!

....and I say the DO taste like chicken!

Off to home and just in time for some chicken dinner and a snooze before we go to bed for the night.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Wow, that shocked Michael when I opened your Diary and he saw himself peeking out from my screen! But thank you for your wishes to him, no doubt he will respond when he gets himself together, it now takes him longer to get himself together.
    What a big tongue Max had, huge and pink, he would be able to eat your chicken dinner faster than you, he could probably manage yours and Holly's faster than both of you. Better watch out.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful sing song, I could hear it from here. Love Max by the look of his grey hairs he must be nearly as old as me. Keep Holly away from those rabbit holes, you know what happened last time. Thanks for the woofs on my Birthday, lots of luv Mike

  3. What a lovely day out, Lots of fun.
    I love the pictures of Max as they stand out well.