Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Talking to OTL

Hello Woofers!

D&H back with you.

This morning we watched from the window as The Missus started to put everything back into the caravan, well, all the stuff that normally stays in the van between going away. You know, water barrel, walking boots, knife & fork, spoon and all the stuff for cooking like pots and pans. There was also TM's walking sticks she uses when Old Two Legs gets her to come for a walk up the mountains!

We were watching to see if any of our stuff was going in, like our beds and drinking bowls and tins of doggy food and biscuits and chews and pork bones and doggy choc drops and our tennis balls.

We didn't see any of that lot go in, so, we reckon that the holiday is not just yet!

OTL has been busy on the computer so we didn't get a chance to have a game in the garden today. Holly and I had a chase around the estate and up stairs. The weather wasn't so hot today so we could get up some speed!

OTL took us for a short walk this morning over the Football Field and he did his 'Hold onto Daisy and throw the ball for Holly' trick, so we both got some more exercise running up and down the field!

A little later OTL put us in the car and off we went. Now, I know we were going to have some fun 'cos OTL got a second ball from the garden box where we keep the bird seed. So there were two tennis balls in his pocket! I tried to get to them and so did Holly, but OTL was having none of it and kept his elbow on top of the pocket so we couldn't get to them!

It was then that I tried to tell him I wanted the ball.

I started off by whining, you know a sort of little cry us doggies do, but no success. Then I tried the 'Grumbly' talk, you know, a sort of long series of words all joined into one. That didn't work either. Next I tried the 'Long Yawn together with whining finishing off with a long Ooooo!' A bit like a howl but not quite, if you see what I mean.

That didn't work!

It all took a long time to do and by the time we'd finished OTL has done all his jobs and we were driving into the car park of the New Park!

Out we jumped and OTL got both balls out and threw them for Holly and me. We decided pretty soon that chasing two balls was not as much fun as chasing one, so OTL put one ball back in his pocket.

Soon we were at the Swimming Hole and in I went chasing the ball but it sank! Just 'cos I had 'Mullered' it a little! OTL threw the other ball in but a big Labrador pinched it and swam out into the middle of the pond!

I had a scout around and saw the first ball on the bottom, so I had a scrape with my paw and dragged it in closer to the bank where I could stick my head under the water and grab it!

My Mullered Ball has Sunk!!!
After a while OTL got the ball back from the Labrador who didn't Muller it 'cos it has a 'soft mouth'. Which, as OTL pointed out, was the reason he didn't chew it to bits like we do!

Off we went, chasing the ball and Holly and me tried to play 'Catch' with it, without OTL throwing it!

Playing Catch!
It didn't really work, so we had to take it back to OTL to throw and just to show he was in charge, he pretended to throw it several times, which had Holly and me running after nothing!

We ran off, then came back, and then ran off again. In the end all three of us were laughing so much we for got to chase the ball!

Holly laughing her head off!

Me, laughing my tail off!
Getting near to the car we met up with Benny, who we had met before, we had a quick chat and he ran off chasing his owner.

When we got back home we both fell asleep in our day beds until dinner time, Chicken!

A nice lazy evening with snoozes and nibbles and off to bed by ten, what more could a puppy ask for?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Can I come and live with you? You live better than me (:-)

  2. Yeah .... I think they 'live the good life'. I will pinch one of their carrots for you Trev .... one that they haven't buried first, just a bit chewed on the end maybe! :) x lol