Monday, 25 July 2011

Why me?

Hello Woofers!

It's me and her again.

Another sunny day here in North Kent, loads of fun chasing around the house, mugging Old Two Legs for some snacks!

OTL was going out to deliver some bits, so we joined him. On the way out to the car we smelt Hissin Chrissie, who was hiding in our conifer tree, so we shot inside woofing and growling and she ran out the other side and across the green towards her home. Then we saw she slowed down, she had seen that we were on the lead and couldn't chase her!

That's what she thinks.

OTL opened the car and unclipped me from the lead yoke and quick as a flash, I spun around on my tail and shot off after that cat. Having gained a good few yards on me she was walking along as though she owned the neighbourhood, that was untill she heard my 'War Cry'!

She flew across the grass and up a tree. There she was hanging from a small branch with here tail all drooping down and a wide eyed look on her face trying to work out if it was Holly or me chasing her. You see, she knows Holly can climb trees!

Luckily for her it was me and double lucky OTL was close behind to pick me up and take me back to the car, even if I was 'Grumbling' all the way back!

At lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall again and had a run after the rabbits, who got away, again!

It's just not my day for catching things, even if I do come close sometimes!

OTL got the ball out and Holly and me had a game. This new ball bounces very well and we have a go at heading it back to OTL, trouble is, some times we miss the ball and run into each other!

OK, on me head son!
Holly is always calling for it 'on her head' but like me, she mostly misses!

We met up with a hairy Retriever who chased me around until I managed to jump on OTL's shoulders, so he went off to say hello to Holly.

Hello Miss Holly!
Holly said he was a nice dog but not really her type!

Off we went agin chasing the ball, when, I jumped up to catch it in my mouth and missed. Instead I caught it with my nose and knocked it towards the sea, trouble was, there was no sea, just sand, covering thick black mud!

Yep! In I went, after the ball, right up to my elbows and beyond!

I was a Yucky Puppy!

It didn't smell too good either, sort of rotting stuff and gas!

I managed to get back onto the beach but I knew that there was a bath or wash coming before long!

I feel a bit Yucky!
It would have been alright if the tide was in, I could have had a paddle and washed it all off, instead it sort of dried a bit and stuck to me!

Even after a run through the grass that normally dries me off, I still looked very messy!

Still Yucky!
We got back home and I was marched out to the garden where I got a blast of the water hose, not a favourite thing of mine! Then it was the warmish bowl of water with OTL washing me all over my legs and tummy.

The only good bit about that was, he got just as wet as me 'cos I struggled a bit and sloshed water all over him!

When he wrapped me in the towel the water soaked through to his shirt as well!

Afterwards we had a cuddle and I had a snooze in the day bed in his office!

Tonight it was chicken for dinner and Holly and me afterwards spent a good couple of hours on OTL's bed having our 'after dinner snooze' before going down to see if we can mug OLT for a bit of shortbread.

Have we got this organised or wot?

After that it is off to bed, 'cos we are supposed to be up early in the morning as OTL has got to visit a customer and he has hinted we will be near the coast, so that means a sandy beach, with a bit of luck!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. I like that Yucky puppy bit.
    Sleep well

  2. That mud makes you look like a Poodle Daisy. Glad you are now clean and mugging OTL for some shortbread.

    Thanks for the card Eileen, it arrived this morning.

    Having PC trouble at the moment with a blog may be possible is the computer holds up.