Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Big Brave Puppies we are!

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you again.

What a hot sticky day it has been today, we were too hot when we woke up and stayed that way all day.

It has been a funny day today, Old Two Legs is still rushing around like a Bumble Bee at a flower sale and we are worn out trying to keep up with him!

First of all there was a mad rush to the carriers to get a load of stuff off to his customers, then a dash down to Herne Bay to collect some more stuff from his supplier.

As a 'special treat' he said we could have a run on the beach, unfortunately, when we got to the beach, it was full of people and children all running around or laying on the stones trying to get a tan.Well, that put paid to our run in the surf. Still, we had a quick run on a grassy bit by the park and piled back in the car to get back home in time to pack up some more stuff and get it to the carriers.

We were getting quite worn out with all this rushing about!

After that was all done we finally got down to our Sea Wall and had a wander along to beach.

A beach to ourselves!
I found a really super smell that I just could not resist, so I had a really super roll in it and totally ignored OTL as he was jumping up and down shouting NOOO!

A sniff worthy of a good roll

We met up with a new visitor and had an introductory sniff all around, said our good byes and wandered off to chase the ball OTL had bought with him.

I sniff yours and you sniff hers!

Then we met up with a man who was talking to OTL about cameras, well you know OTL, he can talk forever about cameras, so we lay down besides them and sort of enjoyed the sun shine.

We got sleepy and did not notice a big Staffordshire Bull Terrier creeping through the grass towards OTL to see what was going on, well, without any thought, Holly and I jumped up and did our 'Clear Off' woofing and ran towards the Staffy.

Now normally we would be running a mile but this time the Staffy looked at us took two steps backwards, turned and ran off the way he had come!

Hey Wot! We had just seen off a big dog!

Are we the business or are We The Business!

Don't mess with us or you'll get Terrierorised!!!!!

We couldn't wait to get home to tell The Missus all about it and she rewarded us with some chicken for dinner this evening.

A super end to a super day.

Well it's still hot and sticky so were are looking for somewhere cool to sleep tonight, maybe the kitchen floor for us!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. You do make me laugh Daisy .... Terrierorised!!!!
    BTW ..... got to go to the shops and get more carrots today .... run out.... sorry!!xxx

  2. You are bid brave doggies to see off a Staf. Your beach seemed remarkably empty due to the time of year? Glad you got the carrots Eileen otherwise they would be woofing at you too.

  3. No carrots...... I am really glad that Kent still has some or I could see you driving all over the COUNTRY seeking out carrots. I could supply onions or potatoes even frozen peas but not carrots. It's just as well you both had hair cuts the other day!