Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Day with OTL

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

Today we have been out with Old Two Legs in the car today, all the way down to The Ross of Mull. That is really the little bit at the end of the 'southern arm' of The Isle of Mull!

We know these things 'cos we have been reading the tourist books on the whole island!

It started off being a little cloudy this morning but it soon brightened up, just after OTL had posted yesterdays blog for us.

We started off with our normal walk in the forest and OTL took a picture of Holly posing on top of a rock with some heather at her paws and a small conifer growing out of a crack in the rock.

Looking Good Miss MacHolly!
OTL says it was a reasonably well composed picture. Holly says it makes her look slim.

I think she is just a show off!

Off we went and after a while we stopped at a waterfall OTL had seen before, he said he wanted to take a photograph and see how it came out, we reckon it was sort of OK but not a 'Wow' picture.

Waterfall & Puddle!
Further on we came to a beach with loads of sea weed on it,so we just had to have a run in that stuff. It kept on going 'POP' every time we stood on it, it was fun trying to make a tune out of stepping on the seaweed. I tried to make the tune 'Pop goes the Weasel' but kept on getting lost!

Musical Seaweed

Holly reckons she was doing 'Who let the dogs out' but it just sounded like OTL's camera when he is trying to catch us running, sort of click, click,click,click,click,click but very fast!

Us playing Musical Seaweed!

Finally we got down to Fiddon and Fiddon Farm and we went out for a stroll around the fields looking for wild life but all we found was sheep!

So, I showed Holly how she should pose for OTL and I especially like the 'wind blown' look, Holly said it looks like I was blowing wind! Saucy Puppy!

Me looking all wild and windblown!

On the way back we were doing our 'leaning out of the window' bit woofing at everything and a sheep dog woofed at us as we passed, so, we both woofed back and told him what we would do if he came any closer.

Next thing we knew, this sheep dog had run up to the side of the car door and was woofing fit to bust, I mean, he had a real attitude problem. Mixing with too many sheep I think, anyway, me and Holly stopped barking for a moment to ask OTL if he could drive a little faster!

The sheepdog soon got left behind and we leaned out of the window and woofed and growled and blew raspberries at him!

Along the road a little, OTL stopped and showed us Iona, an island, not far off the shore. He said lots of people go there and he might take us one day if we are good. That means we'll never get there then!

Iona from Fiddon
Before we got onto the main road we stopped by some rocks to have a sniff and a wee but Holly suggested we do some rock climbing, she said it made a change from climbing trees!

Rock Climbing Puppies!
We stopped a couple more times on the way home, just to have a run on the beach or look for otters but we didn't see any otters, just a black mink who scurried across the road and headed for the hen house!

We got home a bit late and The Missus was getting worried we had got lost or something. We gave her a big lick and a cuddle then in double quick time finished off a large bowl of chicken and biscuits.

Then a snooze just to let the food settle before mugging OTL for some shortbread.

Tomorrow we are off to a RNLI Life Boat Day Show Thingy Wossit that OTL and TM want to see.

So, bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly


  1. What lovely adventures you two have....I dont do anything exciting !! But my OTL has said that i can have a puppy....but i have to wait till we have our last holiday in our caravan in september,I dont suppose either of you want to come and live with me ???
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. "Me looking all wild and windblown"! what a lovely shot, OTL certainly does you proud with his camera.

  3. You two are having a great time, I wonder just what you are going to be like when you get home!

    Carry on enjoying your holiday