Sunday, 28 August 2011

Home Again!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again,back in England and dodging the rain!

We did nearly four hundred miles from Gretna Green back to home. On the way back we got a message telling us there were long delays on the M25, as usual! So, Old Two Legs decided to go the long way around the M25, past Heathrow Airport. It was fun looking at the planes as they took off, what a loud noise they make!

Finally we arrived in our little corner of the world, it was really super to be back.

We rushed around the house checking out every room to make sure it was all as we had left it, it was!

Then there was the garden, loads of sniffs, mostly of Hissin Chrissy that bad tempered cat that keeps chasing the birds.

Just wait until tomorrow morning when she walks through the garden, we'll make her jump out of her fur when we give her our 'WE'RE BACK' woof!

But now we are just two tired little puppies looking forward to getting to bed good and early so we can get out tomorrow and check the neighbourhood out for any changes that might have happened while we have been away!

Tomorrow we will have to sit down with OTL and plan where we will go for a holiday next year!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly

P.S. We are going to read all the kind comments you have all left, but tomorrow, we just can't stop yawning at the moment!


  1. You poor little woofers, you must be worn out...
    Night,night,little ones ! And dont forget to see that old cat off tomorrow !!
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. Take a look at my Blog Daisy, I found one of your old rubber / plastic balls this afternoon

  3. Glad your back safe and sound, thanks for a wonderful adventure.