Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Over to see The Boys

Hi Woofers,

D&H back again, well almost.

We are on a sleep over at The Boys house today.

We left home really early this morning and have been out for walks around the lakes, then we got back and decided to have a little dig in the garden, then we found some of Holly's old toys and dug a hole and buried them again!

A sort of doggy time capsule!

It's a funny sort of day, no Old Two Legs to mug for some shortbread or have a game with our chews or tickle our tummies or give us a morning brush.

Hopefully, we will be back home to see him tomorrow afternoon.

That should give him plenty of time to do his work and get it all sent off to his customers.

Holly reckons we should creep up on him and surprise him with a BIG WOOF and a severe ear licking!

He will then give us a big cuddle as well and a good brushing to get all the garden out of our coats!

Sorry about the no show of photographs, it seems that The Missus doesn't know how to down load the pictures so I can select some showing our day's adventures!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have a look and see what the instruction manual says!

Bye bye for now, we're both off for an early'ish night.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi, you two woofers....I hope your being good !
    OTL will be a bit lonely tonight then....aaahhhh !
    Have a good night,
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  2. "Holly reckons we should creep up on him and surprise him with a BIG WOOF and a severe ear licking!"....go for it Holly

    BTW no birds at Blean and only saw 2 dogs, lots of trees though that you two would like to sniff. XX

  3. Hope you are managing to look after those boys, it seems that TM has met her limits. She can take photos but can't show them to you. You must teach her to do this and then we can share your adventures.
    Expect two lots tomorrow.

  4. You were hard done by, no snack, can't mug OTL.

    Yes you creep up on OTL and give him a big woof from me and of course a big lick