Monday, 29 August 2011

Washing, Unpacking & Putting Everything Away!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We have been very busy today, first there was the 'retaking' of our territory from Hissin Chrissy, that was a short but noisy skirmish!

Holly spotted Chrissy sneaking down the shed roof and onto the fence, we crept out of the house and keeping close to the garden edge we were able to sneak up behind her. Then as she jumped down from the fence, there was the most horrendous woofing and howling from Holly and me, Chrissy shot across the garden and up the fence in one bound!

She certainly had the wind under her tail! She landed in next doors garden, that is where Buster lives and he heard the commotion, rushed out to investigate and came across Chrissy landing in his patch. That was it, off he went after Chrissy who was now heading for the next fence. That got cleared in one bound as well!

We had a good laugh about that and we could hear Buster chortling away on the other side of the fence, 'Welcome Back Girls' he called!

Old Two Legs gave us a treat, instead of going around the Farm Fields, he took us for a drive to the Sea Wall, just so we could check out all the sniffs that have appeared while we were on holiday.

Sea Side Sniffs
We saw one of the local crows and Holly remembered that one crow had been rude to her on holiday, so she decided to give this crow a good woofing off! Poor thing didn't even know what she was going on about, but he didn't hang about to ask questions!

Crow Chasing, Holly Style!
We were stretched out on the sofa, having a sort of 'rest', not a 'snooze', if you know what I mean, and Holly said she had so many memories of our holiday it was hard trying to remember just one that sums up everything.

There was the Otter we saw or maybe it was Angus not eating us for lunch, maybe it was the sandy beach where we dug holes to trap OTL!

I reckoned that OTL had taken a picture that will always remind me of the holiday, it was along side the path in the forest, on our last walk on the day we left.

Misty Ardmore Glen
Holly had a long think and said that it was difficult but the bit that stood out in her mind was the fun we had on the beach, digging holes and chasing each other. So the picture with us running with a bit of  sea weed in our mouths does it for her.

Calgary Bay Beach!
Maybe we will go back again next year, or maybe even Gairloch where the beach is even bigger but the wild life is a little scarcer.

We have lots of other things to look forward to before that, like Chris Richards getting a puppy in September! You know, one doggy is great fun but two are more rewarding, ask OTL & TM they'll tell you!

Then there is Christmas and before that, our Birthdays, Holly, Me OTL & TM!

Then we have booked to go away at Easter and we may get a  week or two in the Spring Time and of course, there are all the adventures we expect OTL and us to have, just to 'fill in' the blank spots!

So much planning and so little time!

Bye bye for now, we're off for another early night, this coming home stuff is pretty tiring!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Yes,Daisy is so right Chris.... two puppies will be a total joy, to you and each other !!!!!! xx

  2. Poor old Chrissy, she sure knows that you are home.
    Welcome home girls.

    Go for it Chris, get two.

  3. Welcome home girls. I am glad you had a good holiday

  4. Welcome home, so it is back to normal for Chrissy and Buster, glad you enjoyed yourselves so much. The crow picture and the Scotch Mist lovely. See you tomorrow when you have recovered some more.

  5. Welcome Home, glad you enjoyed your holiday, Mary & Dougal X

  6. Hi you two, sorry i'm late with this computer problems AGAIN !!!
    Glad you have both settled back in. Love the 'scotch mist' shot and yes I am looking for a puppy now but sadly only one as OSL (OLD SHORT LEGS)Wont let me have two....I should tell him to 'woof off' !!!
    love and hugs
    chris richards