Friday, 9 September 2011

Another Frantic Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

You will be glad to know, there have been NO THUMPS today!

So there are no birds with sore heads here today!

Old Two Legs took us out first thing this morning and when we got to the fields, we found the farmer was ploughing and there was this terrific sniff of earth and stuff, so we had a good time running around, sniffing, rolling on our backs and chasing each other across the furrows!

We ended up with very muddy paws, so much so, OTL had to walk us through the wet grass at the side of the field just to wash the soil off our paws and legs!

Breakfast was a super freshly cooked chicken and some doggy biscuits followed by a snooze in the day bed while OTL got on with some work!

Later we went out to the football field and had a great game of 'chase the ball', well I did, Holly spent a lot of the time sitting in the middle of the field watching me chase the ball, lazy puppy she is!

Then after another small snoozett, we went out with OTL delivering some stuff, we were getting a bit bored 'cos there was loads to deliver and we had to drive along way as well, but, in the end we arrived at The New Park!

It was super, we started off by saying hello to the Not Not Neddies, not that they even said 'hello' back, I mean, just how rude can you be?

Then we went down to the swimming hole, it was good fun doing some deep paddling, that was until a big Labrador came splashing into the water and pinched our ball!

Hey! That's My Ball!
Well, it wasn't our ball really 'cos we found it by the waters edge where someone had left it, but as we found it first it belonged to us!

I pinched his ball!
Best bit was, when his owner threw his own ball into the water, I rushed in and pinched it!
He was not a happy doggy, he didn't know which ball to chase, Holly and me had a good laugh about that!

After we left the swimming hole, we had a good run through the grass to dry off and managed to bump into a couple of very large poodle type dogs, Holly reckons they looked like Baboons but I said she should keep that to herself!

Dog or Baboon?
That was OK as they weren't too bouncy but they had their mate with them, a young Jack Russell Terrier who fell in love with OTL and kept coming back to have her tummy tickled!

Holly had a quiet word and told her that OTL was ours and it's our tummy he tickles, not hers, so woof off!

I wasn't so brave with the poodles but then OTL didn't tickle their tummies!

A bit further on we met Bella, a big Alsatian who wanted us to play with her and her ball, it was one of those 'Ball on a Rope' things that went for miles when the Two Legs threw it. Well, when it was thrown she went off after it like a rocket and left us behind. We soon got bored with that game and went back to sniffin the pathway for new sniffs!

Here's a new sniff!
She soon came back and went right up to OTL to see what the clicking thing was he had under his nose.We soon told her it was his camera and that she would be famous 'cos her picture would appear on my blog.

She said 'what's a blog?'

What's with the clicking?
Obviously she was not a 'technodog' like us and we just said it was a Two Leg thing at which point she lost interest and went back to chasing her ball on a rope!

Back home again and this time OTL had finished for the weekend.

The Missus said that we will see Uncle Alun and Auntie Glynis tomorrow, that should be fun, more people to mug!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Just what have you been doing to TM to give her a poorly bad back? OTL seems to be working lots, do hope he isn't ignoring you too much.
    Liked your story of all the dogs you meet, the Jack Russell looks just like our neighbour Stella who was named after the lager.

  2. Poor Bella, fancy not going after her ball on a rope you lazy doggies. Tm should cut your Chicken ration down after that and give you more carrots.

    You both seemed to have a GREAT day with OTL.

  3. Hi You two woofers, looks like you had a super fun day, pinching other doggies balls and havin chicken dinners.....what a life !!!
    night night
    love and big slobbery hugs
    chris richards

  4. Got to make you both look lovely today ... cos of our visitors ...where's the doggie shampoo?.......

  5. I hope that you will look your best after your shampoo, so don't get dirty again least not for a while
    Have fun