Monday, 19 September 2011

Another Super Day

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again with you.

We want to know how Max got on at the VET, nasty old injections, we always end up with a sore rump when the vet does our injections. One day we're going to growl at the vet!

We know Old Two Legs growls at the vet when he gets the bill!

We went out with TM this morning to the Sea Wall, which was strange 'cos she never takes us there first thing, but it seems she needed to do some shopping at the Co-op that opened early, so it was a case of walkies then shoppies!

We had a good run and we showed TM where we chase Rabbits when we are with Old Two Legs!

We got back and then went out with OTL, taking the small car to the menders for repairs. Back home for a brush and some, (Late!) breakfast.

Lunch time we were back down to the Sea Wall with OTL and this time we surprised the rabbits, you see, as we had been down early in the morning, they did not expect us to be back again today, oh boy did we surprise them!

Holly went flying in one end of the bushes and I went in the other end and it was only by good luck that the rabbits got down their burrow just before we got to them!

As we got close to where OTL puts our lead on, we spotted a Scottie sort of dog being walked on a lead, so we woofed for him to come over to us for a game, but he said he was not allowed off the lead, but thanks for the invitation!

Strange lot some of these Two Legs, a dog has got to run to enjoy being alive, well we do anyway!

Come on Scottie, wanna game of chase?
This afternoon we got a carrot each. It was fun having a chew and making a mess on the carpet!

Holly took hers out into the garden and was walking around with it in her mouth, ('cos she don't trust me!), when Buster next door woofed 'Hello' and Holly, being a friendly dog woofed back, trouble is she had a mouth full of carrot, so it was not so much a woof, more of a Grumpher!

Buster and I did have a laugh over that, especially when I told him it was Holly with her carrot!

This evening has been fun 'cos we have been having a cuddle with OTL and mugging him for a nibble of his short bread.

So, another happy day having fun and chasing rabbits, maybe tomorrow we'll catch one.

Here's hoping that Max has got over his jabs!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two very special woofers, Had my jab but didnt even notice as the lovely vet put down loads of treats! I've had a really energetic evening, chasing imaginary rabbits up and down the lounge and the oldies have nicknamed me 'MAD MAX'! Old short legs is talking about me having a watch this space! Love your stories TFS,
    slobbery licks and tail waggies
    Max xxxxxxx

  2. Hi both, you stand NO chance of catching any Rabbits, there too fast for you two.

    Stick to mugging OTL's shortbread, my he does eat a lot of it and Holly, dont bark with a carrot in your mouth, it's rude.

    Well done with your jab Max, give SL a nudge and get him to set you up a blog.


  3. That was very sneaky going back to the Sea Wall again but you still weren't fast enough. I must agree with Mike, OTL has far too much shortbread and it isn't good for him, best that you help him out, it is your duty. Breakfast was really late, you poor little puppies, no wonder you tried to catch a rabbit.
    Max, you must have a blog then we can share your adventures. Come on OSL!

  4. OTL has loads of stuff that is not good for him... at least you two stay well clear of his Single Malt whiskey ! Max.. we need your missus and OSL to get your blog up and running soon as!!

    Want to see lots of pictures ...

    Shoppies !!!! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! whatever next from you two! xxx

  5. You know what Eileen, I was thinking the same about the whisky, not good for doggies. Mind you chocolate biscuits are good because they need a run round to work them off.

    On second thoughts no we don't want fat puppies.
    Carry on chasing the rabbits.