Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A day on our own with OTL

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

It has been a funny old day today, The Missus got a call early this morning and announced that she was going over to The Boys house for a couple of days. Seems like Thomas has got himself a cough and cold and is not feeling very well. So, she is going over there to look after him until he feels better.

That means we are on our own with Old Two Legs!

We had our morning walk and a game with the ball, even if Holly spent most of the time sitting on her bottom!

Then we came home, had a nibble and went up to the office where OTL was trying some macro photography.

Macro means small, just in case you were wondering!

He spent some time trying to photograph a seed that he had picked off our coat while he was brushing us. Now, this seed had grown hooks so it could hang onto any animal that passed by who was hairy, like us and rabbits or foxes or even Badgers!

These hooks would hold the seed for a while until it dropped off later on, clever little seed or wot?

Strange Seed with Hooks!

If I told you that the whole seed, including all the hooks was no bigger than four millimetre diameter, you will see just how close he has got!

Well, we were very interested in what he was doing, especially as he had pinched our tennis ball to mount the seed onto!

Oh, the excitement!
 A bit later on we went out again to the Sea Wall and Holly had a good woof at a kite that was being flown by a Two Legs and he was making it swoop and climb all over the sky!

Back home for a nibble and a snooze, then off to the Riverside Park.

We met a few dogs and said hello to some children who wanted to stroke us.

Then we investigated the Pirates Cave, but there was no one at home.

Pirate Cave
The other thing we did was to find an old green ball, have a game and loose it in the mud!

I found and lost a green ball!

Tonight we're going to stay up late and have a good sing song 'cos TM is not here to tell us off!

We know how to live it up when TM's not here!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly 


  1. Love the "seed shot" OTL is full of surprises ain't he.

    Come on OTL were waiting for Holly with specs.


  2. I was wondering what the seed was clinging to until I read further, very nice shot.
    You must take care of OTL and hope that The Missus doesn't bring that cough and cold home. You will need some face masks and plenty of food to keep your resistance up.

  3. I too love the seed shot.

    Keep the cough away as we can't have you puppies with a cold.