Friday, 23 September 2011

It's Friday!

Hello Woofers!

D&H back with you!

Yesterday I forgot to tell you all about Holly's chew didn't I?

Well, you know that Holly has got this thing about her chew, she just loves the Jumbone Chew you can get in any doggy type shop. She was having a good old gnaw on it yesterday morning and decided that it needed a little tenderising and a little taste of herbs, so, knowing just what to do, she went down stairs with it and woofed at The Missus to let her out in the garden. As soon as the door was opened, she rushed back into the house, grabbed her chew from behind the sofa and dashed to the rockery. Planted in the rockery are a load of bird feeders and one is always full of Niger seed for the Goldfinches. Being that the Goldfinches are messy feeders, most of the Niger seed lands on the rockery, so there is this big thick carpet of Niger seed covering the ground. Holly digs a hole in the seed, buries her chew in there and carefully covers it over again, with Niger seed.

TM was watching Holly all the while and in the evening when Holly fancies a chew, she goes to dig it up again, but TM is watching and says that there is no way that smelly seed covered chew is coming into the house! So she takes it from Holly, brushes off the seed and hands it back to a totally disgusted Holly who just fancies a Niger seed covered chew. It must be a first, a Two Legs brushing off a buried chew before giving it to the dog! Ha!

This morning we were sleepy puppies, TM got up at ten past five, claiming that Holly's snoring woke her up. That's nothing! We have to listen to TM snoring in the night and that is a terrible sound, it certainly scares Holly and me!

We were still in bed when Old Two Legs was ready to take us out over the fields!

This morning TM went out to the Two Legs Parlour to have her hair cut, when she came back Holly and OTL and me had to stand there and say Ooo, Ahh, Wonderful and Super!

That out of the way we went off to the Sea Wall for a rabbit chase and a woof at the Gulls!

We sneaked out of the car and flew around the corner but we didn't see any rabbits. So, we scouted along the Sea Wall and I was sure I could smell rabbits, even if I couldn't see them.

I smell Rabbits!
We decided to leave them but maybe catch them on the way back!

A bit further along we saw a fisherman out in the mud digging holes all over the place. Holly woofed to him and asked what he was doing, 'Looking for Worms' he called back. That's funny said Holly, does that mean the worms are thrown out and then when the tide goes out, they go and collect them again?

Looking for his Worms!
As we turned to go back to the car we started planning how to get up close to the rabbits. Holly says we should rush them but I had another idea!

This time we will be super sneaky, what we will do is to creep up on them, through the grass, tummy and nose just above the grass roots.Holly says that's a good idea 'cos it will enable us to put into our SAS Training, (Small Animal Service)!

We got close and went into 'Sneaky' mode, Holly kept right down while I moved forward to set up a FOP (Forward Observation Post), then Holly sneaked up once I was in position.

Forward Observation Post
Holly was good at creeping through the grass, except that her backside and tail were poking up a bit!

She crept past me and signalled with her tail that she could see or smell rabbits ahead!

Rabbits Ahead, get ready, get ready!
 All of a sudden it was Go, Go Go!

We raced across the open ground, Holly doing her war cry, I woofed my Rabbit Charging Woof and we were down into the Rabbit Hollow like a pair of greasy weasels!

Go Go GO!
Trouble was, the rabbits had just enough time to disappear down the rabbit holes before we got there, Holly and me tried to dig our way into the holes but soon gave up the effort 'cos we could hear the rabbits laughing and calling us rude names!

Don't worry, there will be a next time!

Be Warned!

We'll Be Back!

We had to go to the Vet this afternoon to collect our Worming Tablets, when we got there the first thing OTL does is put us on the weighing machine. I was 7Kg but Holly weighed in at a whopping great 8.6Kg!

No more nibbles for her!

We got back home and we asked to go into the garden, so TM opened the back door and we went into the garden only to stop in front of a young Goldfinch that had tried to fly through the glass window, again!

Holly said it was a soppy bird, then remarked that it should taste like chicken!

OTL did his rescue thing and put it on the garden table on top of his 'High Viz' waistcoat and there it stayed until it's headache got better and it felt like flying again!

Walking Wounded!
So, there is a very busy day today, tomorrow we plan to go and do some bird watching down at Canterbury, providing we don't get distracted by other Aventures!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly ( The Porky Puppy)

P.S. Maxi Mate, Have yourself a great time in the caravan, we think it is a super way to spend a few days off. Let's see some rabbit chasing photos when you get back!


  1. Oh what a lovely day you had. You will have to creep up more on those rabbits or you will never find out if they taste like chicken.

    Poor Goldfinch, I am glad he is ok.

  2. HO HO you will never get those pesky Rabbits there too fast for you and Porky Puppy Holly stands no chance.

    Thanks for the update on the Chew that answers my question. As Trev said glad the suicidal Goldfinch is ok, silly bird. XX

  3. Military manoevures didnt work then...still did'nt get a wabbit ! Better luck next time you wonderful woofers !
    We're off first thing on Sunday morning to Cofton park, Dawlish Warren....I think there might be wabbits there ???
    Love you two woofers
    slobbery licks
    Max xxxxxxxx

  4. That is somewhere else I remember a holiday there in 1962 Chris. Oh dear I do feel old.