Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mid Week Adventure

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and it's Wednesday already!

I don't know where the week goes, by the time we've had a snooze, eaten a meal or two and had a run out with Old Two Legs, half the week has gone by!

Today OTL didn't have a lot to do in the office, so he decided to have a 'Clear Up', this is where he moves everything around and ends up putting it in a different place. Holly and me try to help him but as he says, if we keep putting his mobile phone under our blanket, how is he going to answer it if it rings?

Holly says he should turn it off and take us out for a run in the woods, especially as it is such a sunny day!

And that is what he did, with a little bullying from us, but he did leave his mobile switched on!

just for a change, we went down to The Forest, we haven't been down there for ages, so it was a case of 'Nose to the Ground' and catch up on all the new sniffs.

Loads of Sniffs
Of course, Holly just 'Had' to climb up a tree and OTL just 'Had' to fiddle with the picture!

A Holly Treecreeper!

OTL says he caught sight of a Stoat or maybe it was a Weasel, he wasn't too sure as he couldn't see the tail. As he has been told before, 'A Weasel is Weasily recognised but a Stoat is Stoatally different'!

Holly suggested that as we were part Fox Terrier, we should try sniffin out some fox trails, so we got our noses down and off we went, weeell, we didn't find any foxes but we did see a squirrel and I chased it up a tree but just to be unfriendly, it threw some chestnuts down at us, still in their spiky shells!

Sniffin for Foxes.
After the squirrel episode, Holly tried to teach me to climb trees but I was not as sure footed as her and got nervous and wouldn't go up very high, not even when she started to make fun of me by saying, 'Me Jane, You Monkey'!

Me Jane, you Monkey!
When we got back home we were tired little puppies and spent the rest of the afternoon having a snooze in OTL's office!

Yo Max, what's this Mad Max thing? Don't those Two Legs know that after a good feed we all love having a rush around, followed by a snoozett! Holly and me normally beat each other up for half an hour or so and sometimes we even beat up OTL! I normally try to unscrew Holly's tail and she tries to bite my legs! Then we have a cuddle with OTL or TM!

OTL is going to have an early night tonight, I think we have worn him out running through the forest!
See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

P.S.  Hey Max, have you thought about staring your own blog? It could be great, we could swap tips and jokes and recipes!


  1. Hello you two woofers,I'd love to have my own blog
    but the missus is so worn out, running after me in the garden that she just aint got the energy! Maybe when I behave and she can concentrate,cause I just
    keep giving her the runaround ! She aint even got time to make a card...poor missus and osl is too busy
    with golf and the new caravan !!! I wish i saw that naughty squirrel !
    slobbery kisses
    love Max xxxxxxx

  2. Ah, after squirrels now then are we, have you given up on Rabbits? If you bury OTL's phone it wont ring and you will get longer walks. xx

  3. Swap recipes, do you think that Max's TM is a better cook than yours? Can she make Squirrel Strogganoff or Not Not Neddies Noodles better than your TM, be very careful when replying.
    The forest looks exciting and Holly is becoming a tree explorer but then you are the swimmer.

  4. That looks like a nice forest to take the camera and maybe hunt for foxes, to take picture of.

    Have a good day you two and stop wearing OTL out, as he is not as young as he used to be.