Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hey! Is that Rain I feel on my back?

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

The Missus took us out for our morning walk, it was OK when we went out, heading for the Fields, we got half way around our normal route the rain started, a little spray to begin with, then it got wetter and then it got uncomfortable!

Holly was the first to complain, she sat down on her bottom and said in a loud voice, 'That's it, I've had enough' I must say I felt the same way as well. So, we turned around and started walking back, TM was calling us but we had held our committee meeting and come to a conclusion, Home!

So, in no time at all, not even stopping for the sniffs we missed on the way out, we went straight back to Old Two Legs who was waiting with the Doggy Towel to give us a good rub down and a brush. TM had to rub herself down 'cos she wouldn't wait for OTL to finish with us and also she was making a big puddle on the kitchen floor where the rain was dripping off her nose and chin!

Breakfast was chicken and biscuits, super yummy, 'Tails up, Muzzles down' it was finished in no time!

Off up to OTL's office for our normal 'After Breakfast Snooze'

OTL says we take snoozing to new high level, but I thought we always stayed in the bed!

Expert Snoozers!
 That's what I like about living with OTL and TM, we get to learn new skills every day, snoozing, mugging, napping, food taster, sleeping and short bread nibbling!

Life is one long education here!

We are off to bed early tonight 'cos tomorrow is Friday and we plan to go out down the forest, providing it's not raining, to see if there is some more fungi 'cos OTL has got the bug and wants to photograph some more!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Yo Dougal Mate, we were getting worried about not hearing from you, hope you are well and getting well looked after! Have you seen young Max has his own blog? Trouble is, he has to wait for his Two Legs to write it up for him, he hasn't learnt how to claw type yet, but he's only young and will get the hang of it soon!


  1. Poor little puppies getting wet, still I suppose its not the same as the swimming hole.

    Hope it's dry for you tomorrow. XX

  2. You two live the life of 'Riley' who ever he was!!!

  3. Sorry you got wet but that is life. A good rub down saw that you were ok and wow what a breakfast to finish off with.

    I think I will come and live with you.

  4. Holly tells me that OTL gets a bit rough with that towel sometimes so you are probably better off where you are Trev.
    Well Daisy I think you are ready to write your book, "The Art of Snoozing and Nibbling", OTL could take the pictures and TM would be able to help with some of the spelling.
    With the profits you could buy a Doggie Chew Shop and a new lens for Mike.

  5. Hi you two woofers, I hate getting wet too ! but I am learning how to mug food off the oldies......
    Yum, yum !!!
    love ya's
    slobbery licks