Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mid week with a Woof!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

All of a sudden it is mid week again, it seems like yesterday it was Wednesday, then here it comes again!

It was good to have The Missus back with us again, she has been away every day looking after one of the boys 'cos he has been off school, not feeling very well.

Well today he went back to school and he was not happy about that at all, showed of good and proper!

TM took us out for our morning walk and we had fun running across the fields. Breakfast was chicken and biscuits, one of our favourite meals!

After a snooze we woke up to TM playing games with us, well, she heard us woof at a sparrow who was sitting on the tree in the garden, so hearing us woof, she woofed as well, that started Holly off, woofing 'cos TM's woofing and then I started to woof 'cos Holly was woofing, (always back your sister up when she's woofing!), then Old Two Legs gets up from his office and comes down stairs to see what all the woofing's about and woofs at us!

It was a mad five minutes with us all woofing! In the end Holly and I fell on the floor laughing and wagging our tails, OTL called us 'Potty Puppies' and went back to work!

After our lunchtime walk down by the Sea Wall, we got home and were just thinking of what to order for lunch when TM spots a cat in the back garden.

Oh look, she says, a Cat!

Now we are not too good on the Two Legs habit of pointing with their front legs, you see, us dogs look at which way the nose is pointing and TM was looking towards the front of the house while still pointing her front leg to the back of the house!

As it seemed urgent we went with our natural instincts and rushed to the front window, we quickly realised our mistake turned around and ran to the back door. TM had just opened the door as we got there but as I flew out, I knocked Holly to one side and instead of her jumping through the opening, she tumbled tail over paws out of the door!

I was off after the cat (Hissin Chrissy), who ran around the back of the shed and across the garden and over the fence.

Holly and I were in hot pursuit, I had just reached the fence, looking up to where Hissin Chrissy had gone over the fence, Holly by then was level with my shoulders and bumped into me, I fell over, rolled once and head butted the fence, while still woofing like mad!

Buster, who lives on the other side of the fence had taken the up the chase and pursued Hissin Chrissy across the garden and watched as she flew up and over the brick wall!

It was great fun while it lasted and TM said we were just like the Keystone Cops, whoever they are!

We were having our afternoon snooze when we heard a loud tapping sound coming from the  monitor screen OTL has in his office. We watched a Blue Tit doing some house work, she was clearing out a ton of poo she had left in there last winter when she slept in there every night. She was too lazy to get up and go outside!

House Work!
Who knows, we may get her making a nest next year!

We're off for dinner now, we will have a sniff at ours then run around to OTL and see what we can mug off him. He has sausages tonight, some special sausages he gets direct from the farmer who breeds pigs. They taste wonderful and so does the bacon he gets as well, no nasty white stuff on it and it has a super 'smoky' taste to it as well.

Must stop now 'cos I have started to dribble over the keyboard!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Max, try sitting on his lap, right in front of him, when he is trying to do or watch something, then woof at him, in the nicest possible way. He'll get so worried after a while that he will do your blog just to let everyone know what your doing!


  1. Great story about hissing Chrissy, I bet she wont come into your garden in a hurry.

    You two are Potty Puppies to say the least. XX

    Come on osl get typing that blog, with the help of Max of course.

  2. A lovely story , you two woofers and I'm barking at OSL right now but he is watching the speedway on the telly and ignoring me.....The missus bought me a wonderful chew today so I am happy !!!
    love you two ladies,
    slobbery licks

  3. Woof, Woof, well I don't know, it would have been so much fun if OTL had put up a webcam then we could have watched the antics. Fingers, toes crossed that the Blue Tit will nest again with you next year.

  4. Oh I wish that I could have seen you both going out that door, what great fun.

    Off to do some domestic engineering, have fun