Monday, 21 November 2011

Serious Fog!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you on a very foggy day!

When we went out this morning first thing, it was straight around to the football field. Holly decided to play a game on The Missus. She started off by sitting down in the middle of the field, watching me have a chase of the ball. When TM finally got fed up and was heading for home, Holly still sat in the middle of the field. TM called her to come and have her lead put on, Holly still sat in the middle of the field. So, TM marched over to Holly, mumbling under her breath, showing Holly the lead and indicating that we were going home.

Holly got up off her bottom, and walked away!

TM walked a little quicker after Holly, Holly walked a little quicker in the opposite direction to TM!

TM and Holly ended up getting some running exercise!

Holly thought it was great fun and said she will try it again tomorrow morning!

TM said if she does it again she can stay in the field all day and get a cold in her bottom by sitting on the wet grass!

Back for a brush and some lambs heart for breakfast, absolutely fabulous!

It was still foggy when we went out at lunch time so Old Two Legs took us down The Farm for a change. Great fun looking for foxes and squirrels and rabbits while OTL was looking for fungi and spiders webs with mist drops!

Was that a Fox?
 Normally I disappear into the forest  to hunt for stuff but this time OTL did the 'disappearing' trick and Holly and I were rushing around trying to find him!

He finally came out of a bush he had stuck his head into and asked us what we thought of his picture?

Holly said it wouldn't taste like chicken 'cos she had tried one some time back and it was pretty bland and the bones didn't even crunch!

A Tidily Tasty Spider!
In the forest, Holly was trying to spot the Wood Mice that live there, she had worked out that if she got up high enough she could pounce on them like Kestrel or a Owl!

So she started to go Whoo Whoo just like a Tawny Owl. I said that she forgot the Too-Wit and she said that I was the Twit, and that was when the fight started!

Whoo Whoo!

Whoo's a Twit then?
I left her to play owls and went off to sort out a fox I had smelt earlier.

Then she found a big fungi and OTL asked her to sit behind it, just to show how big it was, at least twelve inches across, the toadstool that is, not Holly, she is a bit bigger across the tummy!

Not Mushroom left!

It seems that OTL's messing about with a pinhole camera has caused some interest! He only did it for a laugh 'cos it was foggy out and he couldn't find any fungi to photograph. He was doing some reading about pinhole cameras and found out the first photo taken using the accepted design was back in 1850 and that pinhole cameras are still used, on satellites to photograph the sun!

OK, boring bit over, we only put that in to keep OTL happy!

Now, where is my chew?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Twit) & Holly (Whoo, Whoo!)


  1. Wow, love the Spider shot Daisy, my Daisy's coming to see Granddad tomorrow, cant wait. XX

  2. I like the giant toadstool pic and OTL takes a mean shot when it comes to spiders. Don't tell him though or his head will be bigger than the toadstool.
    What a super game Holly had with TM, it sounded fun and you both still had lambs heart for breakfast so I think TM enjoyed it really. Be watching out for you tomorrow.

  3. Holly had better behave herself when we go walkies this morning! Or I will be having 'the grumbles' lol xx

  4. That's a nice bit of fungi and I love the spider.

    Keep it up girls, but don't upset TM or she might not give you any more chicken.