Thursday, 24 November 2011

Snoozy Day Today!

Hi Woofers!

D&H here again.

It has been one of those lazy days today, I don't suppose the fact that we were up several times during the night for a game of 'chase' and 'hunt the chew' helped at all!

Then of course, there is our hourly 'Guard Patrol', that's when we march around the house, in line, checking everything is safe from burglars and sneaky squirrels!

Holly didn't want to get out of bed this morning and Old Two Legs had to carry her bed, with her inside it, to the office where we normally relax during the day!

She was just awake when OTL said the magic word 'Walkies'!  She staggered down the stairs yawning and bumped into the wall at the bottom of the stairs!

We went to the Sea Wall and as the tide was in, I went for a sniff around the Dragons Teeth.

The Dragons Teeth were still wet with water on the sea weed and as I went over the edge I slipped, it seemed like my legs went in different directions and I landed on my bottom! Not very dignified for a little girl like me!

I wasn't hurt and it did make OTL and Holly laugh, so I grumbled at them, but they didn't take any notice and carried on laughing!

We saw that someone had put some more flowers on the railings, don't know why they do it but it looks pretty in the early morning light!

Flowers on the railings.
A bit further on we met up with the Westie we saw yesterday, this time he was on his own and came bounding up to us and said 'Wanna Game of Chase?'

Wanna game of Chase?
 Well, I reckon I could out run him with no trouble especially on the turns, so, off we went!

A Flying Scotsman!

We ran all along the sea wall, but his owners were walking the other way and he was soon called away from us.

We ever did find out who was quickest, still, we thought we may meet him again at lunch time.

Holly and me walked off after OTL, who was still looking for fairies!

Lunch time came and after a quick mug of a bit of buttered toast we were bullying OTL for a run along the Sea Wall again!

No Rabbits, no Fairies, no other Doggies! What has happened?

We saw an old rook sitting on the breakwater and he just ignored us when we asked if he had seen anyone!

A Rook ignoring us!
I reckon he is a bit like Holly, only takes notice if he can eat it!

Then, all of a sudden there was a face we recognised, it was one of the lads from yesterday!

I had a good look first by doing my meerkat impersonation!

Here! Wanna Buy Some Car Insurance?
I spotted Maisy, who was in the long grass looking at OTL and asking about the Fairies!

Seen any Fairies Mr?
As OTL hadn't seen any Fairies she lost interest and ran after her mates!

Back home for another snooze and then look forward to some dinner, first some of OTL's dinner, then some of The Missus's dinner, then we eat ours!

We've got this food thing sorted you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sounds like you both had a good day without a Fairy in sight, shame poor OTL. Loved the Meerkat impression, you will have to ask OTL if you can go for an audition I'm sure you will sell more insurance than those silly critters. nite nite XX

  2. You know how to sleep don't you?

    No fungi not wabbit's, come on buck up.

  3. Yeah .... we need to have words about the 'Hourly Guarding Duties'!!! xx