Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We're in Trouble Again!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

While we think of it, Max, pay attention, your paws are for digging holes, the other end is for attaching your tail to!

Not so cold this morning but it has been raining over night. We found out when I fancied a wee, around one thirty this morning. I jumped up and woofed at The Missus with our 'I Wanna Wee' woof.

Good old TM, she gets up and staggers down stairs, all grumbly and mumbling under her breath, then she opened the back door for me.

Hey! What? Shock, Horror!       It's raining!

Well if the sky is having a wee on the garden then I'm not going out!

Holly just barges past and has a wee on the grass, no shame that dog!

I turn around and go back to bed, I'll hang on 'till the morning thanks!

TM goes back to bed, all grumbly, that means we're in trouble again!

Old Two Legs slept all the way through it all!

After our 'early morning run' over The Fields we got back to a Lambs Heart Breakfast and Biscuits, one of our most favourite breakfasts!

Lunch time we got OTL to take us to the New Park and boy was it windy! It blew our ears inside out and our fur was pointing the wrong way!

Windy or Wot!
We were not allowed to go for a paddle in the swimming hole 'cos there were some big Labrador dogs splashing about and we didn't have our ball with us either, so we stayed good and dry!

Watching the Watchers!
We said 'Hello' to The Watchers and an old Alsatian who was passing by, but most of all we just tried beating each other up!

When we got home, Holly decided to wrap up in TM jumper thingy which was good and warm and smelt sort of comforting!

In Our Place, Warm and Safe
I just sat on the blanket!

OTL was busy for the rest of the afternoon, so we enjoyed some TV and a gentle snooze!

Dinner is almost ready, Chicken & Biscuits by the smell of it, followed by a bit of shortbread mugged from OTL!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two woofers, What no power stations !
    What no fungi !! What is the world coming to !!!
    Its too wet, too cold and I'm snuggling up next to the missus !!!!!!
    nite, nite,
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  2. You two do have a good life. It's a wonder TM didn't push you out in the rain after waking her up that time in the morning.

    Yer where are the PS shots and the Fungi? I don't know you can't get the staff nowadays.

    We will have to rely on Trev,XX

  3. Ah, poor little doggies, doesn't OTL put the heating on extra warm for you.
    You don't have a bad life though do you, you get chauffeur driven everywhere, fed with chicken and hearts ..... and shortbread, I am on my way over to join in.

  4. With all that wind it is a wonder that you got about at all. You stay warm.

    Yes, where is the PS and fungi, Mike and I are hoping for some today.