Thursday, 22 December 2011

Boyz Gone!

Hey Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you.

First thing this morning we were out at the crack of dawn down to the Sea Wall for a run and the Boys came along as well. The tide was right in so no playing about in the mud today!

There was this old Labrador we met walking along the wall, he was glad of a rest when he met the boys and us! He said it was good to have a sit down sometimes!
Thanks Mate, I could do with a rest!

We raced each other along the wall and threw stones into the sea, well the boys did and we wondered if they wanted us to go and fetch the stones. It was a case of 'Hard Luck' 'cos the water is too cold and wet!

We met up with a New Dog on the Block, she said her name is now Bella.

Holly thought that was a bit strange and asked what's wrong with her real name, then she told us she had come from a rescue centre and had only been with her new owner a couple of weeks. She said she was having fun and learning what the Two Legs wanted he to do, you know, sit, stand, come here and all the normal stuff. She didn't remember too much about why she was in the rescue centre but it was lonely and a bit scary 'cos some of the other dogs were really upset about being there and cried a lot.

We thought that was sad and we were glad we are well out of those places.

We had a sniff all round and I said that it was great to see her and we hope to meet her again.

Nose sniffin with Bella
Holly said that was a great Christmas present for Bella, a good home and kind Two Legs to look after her!

Which is more than we've had tonight!

Old Two Legs and The Missus left us all alone tonight, out at Christmas Dinner Bash Thingy, enjoying themselves and eating wonderful food and meeting other dogs!

Were it not for that lovely Auntie Sheila coming over to let us out for a wee and give us both a cuddle, we would have been distraught and upset as well!

Still, they  have only just got in, so I suppose I had better go and make sure they are tucked up in bed properly before I put the lights out!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly 


  1. Poor Bella, still she is in a good home now and being looked after. XX

  2. So no shortbread for you tonight, twice as much tomorrow to look forward to.