Thursday, 15 December 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here

It has been a busy old day. We have been out most of the day with Old Two Legs.

First of all there was our morning walk, we saw a man collecting seaweed to make into Christmas Decorations!

He's pinching all the seaweed!
Then when we went out for the lunch time walk OTL spotted that pesky Green Woodpecker on the path but sitting on top of the shelter nearby, there was his mate laughing at us!

I Fancy a Bike Ride!
and his mate said......

Your on Your Own Then!

After that we were out in the car delivering stuff.

Next was a small worry, we headed off the wrong way down the motorway, you know, away from home instead of towards home!

I was getting in a bit of a panic, was OTL lost or are we going on holiday without our swimming trunks?

Not to worry, we ended up a Auntie Zoe's new house for a little installation work well OTL was doing it while we played with Ethan and Finley! It was OK but sometimes they play a little rough and grab my tail!

We worked really hard and in the end we left OTL to finish up while Paul and us had a rest!

It's All Hard Work!
 OTL took this with his Fish Eye Lens that is why it looks 'Wobbly', just like him!

We ended up getting home rather late and had to rush our dinner so we had time to mug OTL for some of his venison burgers, or as he calls them, 'Bambi Burgers'!

So, here I am, half past eleven bashing away on the keyboard while everyone else is asleep, I must be potty!

See you tomorrow, I'm off to bed.


Daisy & Holly (Asleep)


  1. You were very busy today then, tell OTL I like the Green Woodpecker and the Bike. Your little paws must be sore after doing all that walking and typing this. XX

  2. I love the wood peckers as well! I glad you were both around to keep an eye on OTL and to ensure he did all the work! xx

  3. If you go down or maybe up to Northward Hill they have two pairs of green wood peckers