Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Fillet Steak and a Purloined Ball

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

It has been a busy day today, not for Holly and me but for Old Two Legs and The Missus.

First of all TM was out early to have her hair clipped. Now when Holly and I get our hair done we get an all over wash and shampoo, then we get clipped and after that we get a warm blow dry plus have our nails clipped.

When TM comes back from the parlour, she doesn't look like she has had a wash at all and her nail aren't clipped an' she don't smell any different from when she went out!

We reckon she doesn't get the 'Full Treatment' like we do when OTL takes us!

Down on the beach today the tide was right in, you know just at that point when it can't get up the beach any further and starts to go back.

So, just for a change, OTL took some pictures of the waves flopping onto the beach. They aren't too bad, for an amateur!

You know he was so long down on his knees that Holly got worried and went and gave him a cuddle, just in case he had hurt himself!

High Water Mark
Holly picked up a small stick and waved it at me, saying she would never let me play with it at all. Well, that was it, off I went chasing after her and I managed to grab it from her, then she got it back, then I got it back and all the time it was getting smaller!

We both decided that it was the others fault the stick got broken and we had an argument, she called me names and I called her a 'Lump' and that's when another fight started!

It's My Stick!
After the fight we saw a dog in the distance and decided to join forces, just in case, so the stick was forgotten, we had more important business coming down the path!

Who's That Then?

Could be Trouble!
Then we saw it was that Barney, a long legged hound who is almost one year old. All he wants to do is have a game. The problem with him is the fact he is so large and we are so small. So, I was a little scared to begin with. He chased me and then chased Holly and then chased me again, that was until a barked at him and had a little snap at him, which put him in his place!

After that it was good fun,, I chased him and he chased Holly, then I chased him and even woofed at him!

He had a tennis ball that was his toy but when OTL threw it for him, Holly and I beat him to it and ran around with it in our mouth!

Gerroff! it's our ball now!

In the end we wouldn't let him have it back!

It's in the car ready for the next time we see him!

The rest of the day was boring, boring , boring! OTL out, TM playing card making, Holly asleep (as normal)!

That was until OTL came back! We did our 'welcome home' greeting which included a good ear licking and soon after that we settled down to some serious mugging. You see, after TM experimenting yesterday, she decided to give OTL a treat today, something he could eat! So, out came the fillet steak and chips, OTL had the chips all to himself and we managed to get a couple of bits of steak from both OTL and TM!

Spoilt or wot!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Dont know about OTL being an Amateur that one of you two at the top of the steps is GREAT. I seem to remember you two fighting over a stick a couple of weeks ago. Cant you both have a stick or is that boring XX

  2. It you who spoil them Eileen with OTL help of course.