Saturday, 10 December 2011

Pin Holes & Chicken!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again on a cold and frosty day!

We were up good and early this morning, not through choice I hasten to add! The Missus got up early and was turning lights on and off, filling kettles and waving the electric carpet sweeper around! So, we took the opportunity to get out for an early wee!

Sticking our noses out the back door there was this cold smell, and the grass was all white! I mean, we thought it was The Snow Fairy again! Closer inspection told us it was just frost, but the first real one this year!

You know what, it was still there when Old Two Legs took us out this morning to the Sea Wall!

Mr Frosty is Here!
When we got there the tide was coming in and the 'Bucket & Fork' men were being chased back to the beach by the incoming tide!

Bucket & Fork Squad
There was one who got back just as the water was washing the shore, talk about cutting it fine!

Bucket & Fork Man!
OTL has been paying about with a new camera bit and photographed the pin hole in his 'Pin Hole Camera Lens' Really it was a bit of sticky aluminium tape stuck on a dust cover and a pin hole stabbed into the front.

Well, if you look at it closely you can see where the pin has in fact torn the aluminium rather than cut it!

A Pin made Hole in a Pin Hole Camera!
I bet next he tries to photograph a needle and then put a camel half way through it, Just like his Dad did a hundred years ago!

We had a super chicken lunch and as we were enjoying filling our tummy’s OTL sneaked a picture, It was really a case of 'Tails Up, Snout In'!

Tails Up, Snout In!
OTL was supposed to be out photographing the moon this afternoon but he got so involved with transferring files to her new laptop that I think the moon rose, had dinner and went back to sleep!

Poor old OTL, now he will have to wait three years before it come again!

Well we're not hanging around waiting for that, we are off to bed, after the shortbread of course!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two woofers, chicken,shortbread.....You're making me hungry !
    Got all the family coming round tonight for beer, nibbles and trivial pursuits.....Gawd help us !
    love yas
    slobbery licks

  2. Hey you two, you are not the only ones wif frost, we got it too. Love the one of the bloke wif the fork, he looks a bit shifty and up to no good.

    Wot's this about Pin hole Cameras, is OTL trying to keep up wif Charles?? Charles is the master of pin hole photography.

    Wot about the Moon, Trev and I got a couple and froze in the process. Bah Humbug, can I have some Chicken Soup Daisy to warm me up? Good blog XX