Monday, 19 December 2011

Wet Snow and Woofers!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We have been sort of all mixed up today. Old Two Legs took us out for our early morning stroll along the beach and this time we really did see a fox and we chased him all across the marshy bit and got soaking wet!

Unfortunately, he got away and all OTL got was an out of focus shot of his tail disappearing into the distance!

Next time Foxy!
Still, at least we know where he hangs out, so we will be after him next time!

We were wearing our warm coats and looked dead smart. OTL even took some photos of us as we were rushing about all nice and warm!

Speedy Puppies!
Lunch time we met up with some big woofers we had met before so we passed the time of day and had a sniff before going our own ways!

Hi Man!
Holly misbehaved, as the big dog was getting near she shouted 'Hi Man, How's it Hanging?'

It's a good job that he was a little deaf or she might have got a telling off!

It started to rain and we were saying that we were getting too wet, OTL said a few degrees colder and it would be snow and we wouldn't complain then!  He might be right!

The Missus and Auntie Sheila have been out all day today at the local Youth Club doing some demonstration card making and helping them to make Christmas Cards. She said that there was loads of glitter and glue splashed all over the place and even Auntie Sheila got covered in glitter as well, Seriously Sparkly!

OTL has been busy today so a lot of time has been spent catching up on our snoozing!

Tonight we have some chicken and biscuits followed by a carrot, fresh out of the fridge, one of our favourite evening chews, other than OTL's shortbread!

Bye for now, off to bed early 'cos The Boys are coming over tomorrow, so that means loads of walks and kicking the ball around!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Ah, your coats have little collars on them, how cute is that! XX

  2. Not only collars but two pockets to keep our hankie and bus fare in!

  3. You do look smart in them coats. Stay warm