Friday, 14 January 2011

A day in the life of a hard working puppy!

Hi Woofers!

We're back!

We got taken out his morning by The Missus for a run over the fields. It must have poured down last night 'cos the puddles were almost as deep as our ankles!

It was fun splashing about and chasing each other around the edges. You see, the edges are all deep mud and soggy grass and we end up with muddy leg, but, afterwards, we run through the puddles again and wash off the mud!

When we have muddy paws it's like we got boots on and after a quick splash, our boots are gone!

Now I was getting a little warm after all this running and stopped for a quick drink from a clean looking puddle. Lap, lap I went, then I heard a tinkling sound behind me, sort of like you get when the tap is dribbling into the washing bowl.

I didn't think too much about it and after a couple of more laps, I turned around to see where the noise was coming from.

In the middle of the puddle was the hairy bottom of Holly, having a wee!

I mean, that girl's got no sense of timing, at least she could have waited for me to finish first!

That's the last time I have a drink without checking where she is first!

Later in the day we went out with OTL to the carriers and then off for an Adventure, to the Riverside Park!

We love this place, there is the smell of the river and the sea plus we get to meet loads of other dogs out for a run.

Today we met this massively large Alsatian, in fact it was as large as a Shetland Pony, I mean HUGE!

He had on one of those head leads, you know, the ones that clamp your mouth shut if you pull on the lead. I suppose they are to stop you biting everyone, he looked very fierce.

Well, we saw him on the path and as we got closer, he lay down as though he wanted a game and did not move as we got closer. Holly got to him first and sniffed his nose then she went down the side and sniffed his tail.

At this point she must have touched his tail with her nose 'cos up he jumps, like he's been bitten, by Holly!

Then he starts to whimper like a big girl, he was scared of us!

He obviously doesn't get out much, poor lad, so we were very polite little girls and said we were glad to see him and maybe next time we could have a game with him!

Then we said good bye and went roaring off down the path woofing at the rabbits and the birds!

Another fun day with OTL!

Bye bye for now.