Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yipee It's Monday

Hello Fans!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

It has been a lovely day today, the temperature outside has gone up by two degrees and the sun has been shining all day today.

Makes you realize that Spring is just around the corner!

We've had  good day today, The Missus took us out for our morning stroll across the fields this morning and we have had chicken for breakfast again!

Old Two Legs has been busy in the office doing some manufacturing, so we spent the morning standing guard at the bedroom window, just to make sure no pussy cats crossed our garden unchallenged!

This afternoon we went down to the New Park again, we sung the new songs on the way down and OTL even managed to get the correct chorus this time.

Other than that, his singing is terrible, he woofs when he should howl and howls when he should woof!

Still, he does try, and it gives us a good laugh!

When we got there the first doggy we met was Jock, a West Highland Terrier, we seem to meet loads of these. We said 'hello' and had a little run but he was finishing his walk and didn't want a big game of 'Chase'

Hello to Jock The Westie
On we went, sniffing the path to see who was in today.

It was a gentle afternoon and the sun had just started to go down.

Late Afternoon
We went past the place where the cows and sheep were kept. I wanted to have a go at being a sheep dog but the sheep said she didn't feel like a game today, and went back to eating the grass.

Wanna Play Sheep Dogs?
Holly got ambitious and said she wanted to herd the cows but the cow said they were called 'Heifers' and Holly could, go away!

So rude!

Heifers R Us!
We went past The Guardians again and that was good fun 'cos we got up on the seat and pretended we were Guardians as well. OTL said we would make good Guardians if we could keep awake!

The Guardians of Kent and Us!

Holly said she could stay awake if she wanted to but standing up all day would be a bit difficult!

Guardian Holly!
After all, she liked using all her four legs to stand up on!

We tried to get OTL to sing us some new songs on the way home but he kept on forgetting the words again, he's not very good at songs unless he has them written down on paper in front of him!

See you all tomorrow!