Monday, 7 February 2011

Poor Old Two Legs

Hello Again!

Daisy & Holly back to see you!

Sunday has been a bit 'uneventful'! You see Old Two Legs was mending the caravan water heating system yesterday and spent a long time doubled up under the seats.

Now OTL is not what you would describe a 'Terrier Size' he's sort of 'Irish Wolf Hound' and as you know, they don't fit into small places.

Nor does OTL!

So, this morning when he woke up he made such a terrible noise! He was complaining about his back aching.

We tried jumping up and down on him to make him feel better, but it didn't, all it did was make him even noisier!

He made such a song and dance about getting out of bed that we thought he'd never make it!

The Missus had to take us out for a walk across the fields and to say hello to the horses. We told them about OTL and his bad back and they said that we must be very careful and not jump on him 'cos that made it worse.

We didn't tell them about how we woke him this morning!

So, today has been sort of, slow, Holly and me have been amusing ourselves by chasing each other around the house while OTL groaned all day.

We did hear him say that it wasn't hurting so much this evening so, we didn't feel too bad about mugging him for biscuit at tea time!

It's Mugging Time!
He still made a noise when we both closed in on him, but we had our paws on his stomach and that's no where near his back!

He really can be a wimp some times!

We hope he gets better tomorrow, I mean, we need our long walk down the New Park and if OTL don't take us, who will?

Bye bye for now.