Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday Fun

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We've been out with Old Two Legs this morning, walking over the fields, reading the notice board, seeing who has been up there lately.

By the time we'd got half way along the path, we've done all our business and filled OTL's little black plastic bags!

We decided that we wanted to have a look around above the Rape and Linseed plants. So, I did my normal, 'Two Front Paws in the Back of OTL's Knee' trick and he stopped to find out what I wanted. He crouched down and I put my paws up on his leg to show I wanted to be picked up. Holly, having enjoyed a shoulder carry when we were on holiday, had her front paws on his other leg.

Well, to cut a long story short, we were both up on OTL's shoulders looking at the world from six feet two inches above ground. OTL walked a little way but then stopped and slowly turned around in a circle three times so we can see what there is across the fields.

Sunday morning there were no dog walkers or horse riders just birds. In fact there were several skylarks and some gulls, a few crows, loads of sparrows in the bushes and a couple of Chaffinches having a fight!

Back home we got a good brush and snooze, Holly got the prime position on the bed, as usual!

Prime Position for a Snoozett!
 While OTL did some of his chores we had our early morning snooze.

You know the chore list is so long and OTL says he's got more interesting things to do, like taking us for adventures and bird watching and photographing interesting things and drinking whisky and going on holiday, he just doesn't know when he'll have time for all the chores!

One thing we did have time for and that was the F1 racing, it was an exciting race and afterwards Holly and I raced around the garden and the lounge pretending to be Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, stopping only for pit stops and when The Missus shouted at us, we called that the Safety Car 'cos it didn't last for long!

We went out for a run afterwards down the Sea Wall and had fun picking out the sniffs that were blowing in from the town.

We smell Hot Dogs!
 We spotted a fisherman who was looking for his worms, you know, the one he has taught to swim, by the way he was digging we reckon that the worm has escaped!

Looking for his pet worm!
We had a laugh at him and headed for home where The Missus should be preparing dinner, chicken or liver or lamb but not dog food, we hope!

See you all tomorrow, it's Bank Holiday so we are expecting OTL to take us out on an adventure, maybe to Canterbury for a run around The Marsh!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Button) & Holly (Vettel)
Brrrm!  Brrrm!