Saturday, 4 June 2011

Musical Friday

Hello All!

D&H back again on a very warm Friday!

Boy, has it been warm today, we were up good and early chasing cats away from the front garden, they were howling and making more noise than the fighting foxes the other night!

It was so bad that The Missus had to get up and growl at them!

Being up so early meant that we got an early walk as well and when we got back Old Two Legs was still in bed snoring!

Today has been spent around the house and out with OTL delivering stuff.

We stopped off at The Forest and had a run around but it was just too hot for serious running so we were glad to be back in the car and the air conditioning!

Luxury or wot!

As we were driving about, OTL put on a CD of the music of Lord of the Rings. It is mostly orchestral music so we were all Oooo'ing to the melody.

It was fun, OTL sounded like someone had stepped on his tail, if he had one!Holly and me managed to Ooo in close harmony, in fact we are getting very good at singing, unlike OTL.

We think that music is not one of his best talents!

OTL didn't take his camera out today so we can't show you what we did, but, TM wants him to put on the picture he took last Christmas of both Holly and me 'cos she reckons that was the best one yet.

So, here it is.

Daisy & Holly

I think I look good in this one!

We are expecting to go out tomorrow after OTL has finished his chores but we have not decided on exactly where, yet.

Holly and I will have a chat tonight before we get to sleep and let OTL know, maybe, before it gets light!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly