Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm a Fish Puppy!

Hi All.

Daisy & Holly back again.

Holly says thanks for all the kind wishes and 'get well soon' cards. She has them behind her day bed!

Holly has been enjoying the fun of 'not taking the tablet' game we play with Old Two Legs. He tries wrapping the tablets in loads of food stuff which we eat, then spit the tablet out! Drives him potty, but in the end we swallow the tablet, just to keep him happy!

We went out for a walk down the New Park and OTL found a ball that was split and would not bounce. Holly thought it was fun when he threw it for us and we chased it along the path.

It's My Ball!
Holly sometimes got it and I would then try to get it off her and sometimes I got it first and we have a tussle and she gets it off me!

It was good fun, but we never took it back to OTL, we don't do the 'Retriever' bit, we have an 'Independent Spirit' as the vet said!

When we got to the Swimming Hole, OTL tossed it into the water just a bit ahead of me, knowing how much I liked chasing it, I went deeper into the water.

Go On, said Holly, it's not deep!
Holly was giving me instructions, but she never went in further than her tummy!

All of a sudden, there was no bottom to the Swimming Hole, like it sort of went away and left me paddling in nothing!

Yikes, I floating!
There I was floating, my legs were going like I was running but not getting there very fast, but I was moving!

'Keep your tail up' was all I could think, I mean, I hate getting a wet tail 'cos the water runs down the tail and onto some sensitive spots!

My Tail Is WET!
Then I was so busy running and trying to get the ball, I forgot to keep my tail up! 

It sort of flopped over and got soaked!

I mean, like wringing wet and water was running down to the rest of me that was really wet!

The Lost Ball part of the Swimming Hole
I never did get the ball 'cos it floated away and ended up resting in that part of the Swimming Hole where all the balls go that get lost. A sort of resting place for balls until the ducks get them and play football, when there is no one around!

Holly and I soon got dry by running through the grass and chasing each other.

Playing 'Tag' soon dries you off!

Can't catch me!
I was so chuffed about swimming that I felt on top of the world, I could do anything!

Just to show you, we met a doggy on the way out and I went for a sniff and a walk around him and kept my tail straight up in the air, all sort of
'I'm the Boss Bitch Here'!

And it worked!!!

Yo! My Man!
We couldn't wait to get home to tell The Missus, who thought we were both big brave puppies.

OTL managed to get Holly to take her medicine, without too much trouble, in the end. 

He declared that her muzzle and eyes are no worse and she even let him give her nose a wash in warm salt water. She still hated him doing it but in the end put up with it and licked his nose when he had finished!
Just to show him she forgave him!

We're off to bed early tonight, we've had a busy day and swimming make you very tired!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy (The Swimming Puppy Fish) & Holly (Sore Nose but getting better)