Saturday, 10 September 2011

We got visitors!

Hello Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly back again.

What a day we have been having, we were woken up early by The Missus who got up to finish a few things in the kitchen and pushed us up upstairs onto the bed with Old Two Legs. Holly gave him a lick behind his ear then settled down to give him a cuddle and lick his nose!

We went out for our early morning walk and run across the fields, we do enjoy that first thing, loads of sniffs and wet grass!

After we got back Uncle Alun and Auntie Glynis  had arrived!

We like Glynis 'cos she smells OK and Alun likes to throw our ball for us, so they are all right by us!

We went for a walk over the New Park and had a great time chasing balls and woofing at the Not Not Neddies, not that they took any notice!

We also met Dolly, now Dolly is an absolute darling, I mean at thirteen weeks old she could melt hearts of steel! OTL fell in love with her and TM went all gooey and tickle behind the ear!

Dolly Dog
I mean, at her age she should be able to get anything she wants from anyone she meets and if she put her mind to it  could wrap the whole world around her claws!
Well Holly fell in love and even I became all 'caring' and licky behind the ear!

Does she taste like Chicken?
As a joke, Holly asked if she tasted like chicken!

We also met up with some Pharaoh Hounds who looked absolutely fabulous, a very old breed of dog that was around over two thousand years ago!
A Pharaoh Hound!
We got Alun to throw the ball and we stuck by him when he got lost on the rocks!

Us and Alun
We had a super time but when we got home it was  loads of chat and giggle juice and they all settled down to chatting and laughing.

Holly and me went off for a snooze and a mug of OTL's shortbread, still, we have the job of waking them all up at five in the morning, ready for the early morning walk!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Come on Chris, where are the pictures? We know you have got a new puppy, we heard on the Puppy News!