Thursday, 6 October 2011

Autumn is on it's way!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again with you.

It started off this morning being rather cloudy and with the promise of some rain soon. However, that didn't stop Old Two Legs taking us down to the Sea Wall first thing this morning. He said that as it had been raining last night, you can bet the Fields would be all muddy and full of large puddles, the sort we like to jump in!

When we got to the Sea Wall, we surprised the rabbits, 'cos we ran around the bushes and didn't even woof on the way, like we normally do!

There they were, loads of them, far more than we had seen before, they were out having breakfast 'Alfresco'!

Holly and I jumped into the middle of them all and shouted BOO! It may have sounded like a WOOF but we meant the same thing!

That was  it, the rabbits ran off in different directions, it was difficult deciding which one to chase! By the time we picked one they were already disappearing into the brambles!

Still, it was good fun while it lasted!

Back home again for breakfast and a good brushing down from OTL, I especially like the choccy drop before and afterwards, a sort of 'reward' for laying still while he brushes the knots, bits of leaf and burrs out of our fur and makes us look super smart!

We let him get on with his work and enjoyed an 'after breakfast snooze' in his office.

My internal clock went off around twelve thirty and I jumped up against the office chair and gave him my very best 'Wanna go Walkies' look, then a little woof and put my head on the side.

As normal, he asks me what I want and I put my head on the side as well and give him a serious look that is WALKIES written all over my face!

We always play this game and when I see him get his boots from under the desk, I jump up and paw them to say hurry up!

It seemed like it was no time before we landed at the New Park and Holly and I raced off down the path to chase the ball that OTL thrown for us. Then a race down to the Swimming Hole to wait for OTL to throw the ball in the water. This time he didn't, he said it was too windy, to cold to go in swimming, so I had to make do with a paddle instead!

This Autumn stuff is really boring, I mean, can't go swimming, can't roll in the mud, can't stay out in the wind, can't dig in the garden and all OTL wants to do is take pictures of trees where all the leaves are dying, I mean, just how dopey can you get?

Holly says this is Lat 51, 18N Long 0, 16E
OTL is off on his course tomorrow so I won't have the laptop computer to do this blog, so what I'm going to do is telephone OTL in the evening and tell him what has been happening and he will have do the typing. So watch out for spelling mistakes 'cos he's not very good at spelling and he won't be back until Sunday!

So, Holly and me are going to give him a big cuddle tonight while we mug him for some shortbread!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly