Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wot! It's mid week Again?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Wednesday is here again, and it was Thursday just a few moments ago!

I'd better get on telling you about today before Wednesday comes around again and bumps into my bottom!

We have been out all day today, we've had a super day over at The Boys house, well Tom really 'cos he has a long half term holiday but Matthew went back to school at the beginning of this week.

We've been out on long walks around the parks and at one place Holly suddenly shouts out 'Poppy'! Then legs it off through the trees until she comes to where Poppy lives, a quick scratch on the front door and Poppies owner let's Holly in where she meets up with Poppy again!

Poppy is an old friend that she used to go for walks with when she lived on the estate and they always had loads of fun running and jumping in the park.

Holly and Poppy made a big fuss of each other and I was introduced, again, I seem to remember meeting Poppy some time ago but the memory is a bit 'fuzzy!'

We have been chasing around the house, digging in the garden and generally getting into mischief like wot you would expect from a couple of 'Super Stars'!

It was a little late getting back to Old Two Legs, in fact it was so dark that we decided not to go out for our evening walk, just in case we met some big badgers or foxes!

As The Missus didn't take her camera with her, there are no pictures to show you, TM did offer to paint a picture for us but she only does 'matchstick men' and those aren't very good either!

It was good to get back to OTL again and he showed us the finished picture that we will be using on the Christmas Card this year, we both look very good and 'sophisticated' but you will have to wait until Christmas to get yours!

We will be offering signed 10 x 8 Glossy for sale early in the New Year, with all the profit going to the D&H Tasty Tit Bits Fund!

I expect we will be up early tomorrow 'cos OTL has some work to do and then there are the 'deliveries' and after that, maybe the New Park!

So bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly