Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ND Filter and a Smelly Nelly!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly we're back again!

The Missus has been having a good/bad day. You see, she has not been doing the washing or ironing for some time, because of Christmas and all that.

Today she finally found out that she enough clothes for just two days, so, the washing machine and ironing board have been working today. That normally means it is a 'Bad Day'.

However, between the washing and ironing, she has been card making. That means it is a 'Good Day'.

So, she has been all Smiles and Grumbles today.

Old Two Legs has learnt to keep his head down when she gets the Grumbles and tries to time our walks when the Grumbles arrive and he comes home when the Smiles come out!

We don't mind really, Grumbles mean an extra bit of walking!

OTL took a picture of Holly 'On a Mission' as she ran along the wall, little did he know that she was following a real fishy sniff!

Holly on a Mission!
Holly went running up the path and before OTL could do anything, she was rolling around on the grass getting all super smelly!

When OTL finally got to her it was obvious that she was now a real Smelly Nelly, in fact even I couldn't walk next to her!

I made her walk on the path while I walked along the wall!

Fresh air on top of the Wall!
When we got back home, Holly had to have a wash down, just to get rid of the Smell!

Holly is not really into washing, I mean, she only puts up with brushing 'cos she gets a Choccy Drop afterwards!

Our afternoon walk was just as TM got the ironing board out, so that was a close thing!

This time OTL made sure Holly stayed away from the Fishy Smell and left us to have a game on the beach.

He was playing around with his ND Filter Thingy by resting the camera on one of the wooden posts.

30 sec at f/11 10 stop ND filter.
Now, allowing for the fact that the sea was almost dead calm, the effect is to make it sort of 'Milky' looking. This picture didn't set the world alight so he tried one of the Sea Wall like he did before.

30 sec f/10 10 stop ND Filter
This one would be OK except for the two 'Ghosts' up near the steps, they stopped for a short while before walking off again!

Holly says she wants to try standing still for a little while, then moving and then stopping and then moving so it looks like there are loads of Hollies along the wall!

I said that was a bit daft and she said I was a 'Whimp' so I called her 'Show Off'.......and that's when the fight started!

Off we ran down the Sea Wall and we were going so fast that we nearly ran over a Rook that was sitting in the middle of the path!

Scary Crow!
OTL has got a curry tonight, so, with a little bit of luck we may get a taste of Nan Bread dipped into the gravy!

See you tomorrow, and no, he has not finished tidying his room yet!


Daisy & Holly