Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mid week Already And TV Stars!

Hello Woofers!

It's us back again, Super Cool Daisy & Super Smooth Holly!

It was a bit dull this morning on our run, the clouds were hiding the sun but at least it has warmed up a bit. We didn't need our coats when we went for our walk along the Sea Wall.

We played a game of 'Hide & Seek' with Old Two Legs but somehow he always found us!

 Holly jumped up to have a look where OTL was and .........

Boo Too!
 OTL was a bit too quick for Holly!

We chased a Sea Gull and had a woof at the Brent Geese who were walking on the mud. OTL counted nine today 'cos normally there are six in the group. Holly reckons that some relatives have come to stay for a holiday!

Brent Geese on a Route March!
Back home to a breakfast of Lambs Heart and Biscuits then a well earned snooze while OTL messes about in the office.

It seems like just a moment snooze before our internal clock start telling us it's time for the 'Lunch Time Walk' and for a change, we decide it should be The Forest, 'cos we haven't been there for a while.

Come lunch time The Forest was forgotten and we dashed off to the Sea Wall again. When we got down there, we saw a big van with a satellite dish on top and people walking around with big cameras and microphones that looked like stuffed squirrels!

OTL says it was all to do with the stupid idea of putting an airport in the Thames Estuary. They were interviewing an RSPB spokesman who was telling them it was a stupid idea as well.

It's A Stupid Idea!
Then we saw another camera man taking pictures of the Sea Wall and people walking their dogs, so, we had a shake and put on our best 'Super Star' look and just floated along the Sea Wall while they took our picture!

Getting ready for the Stars to arrive!
They also took a picture of OTL as well, but we don't think they will use that 'cos he would scare the birds off worse that the aircraft!

When we got home, we were just 'Fatigued Darlings', so we spent the afternoon 'Resting' with our Rawhide Chews!

Just Resting Darlings!
It's hard life being Super Stars!

We're going to watch the local TV news this evening to see if they use our 'Takes'!

Holly says she is going to phone Steven Spielberg and see if he has anything that might interest us!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow, if we can get through the fan mail tomorrow morning!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Wow, OTL is now famous, dont let it go to his head.

    Really like the pictures of you two, so sweet.

    Tell the cameraman the stars have already arrived, YOU TWO. XXX

  2. Oh we were out and not saw any television so do tell if you were on the "small screen", don't be too disappointed if you weren't shown because maybe they will save you for greater things.

  3. I watched the local news and saw that they didn't use any of the footage of you two .... however, as you are both superstars I understand 'Hollywood' blocked any exposure until you can go over there ! xxxxx

  4. Oh dear this is going to cost OTL lots of money, you girls are never going to be the same again.

    You beat me coz I only got my jacket on ITV way back.