Sunday, 8 January 2012

Squirrel Hunting for a change!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We were out this morning looking for rabbits but they had all gone to bed! Not good enough!

So after sharing a sniff or two, we asked if we could go down the Forest for a change.

Not a bad sniff!
Old Two Legs was a little put out 'cos he is still having problems getting his new printer to produce what he sees on the screen. Last lot came out like green mud!

He said he will see how things went and decide later. Well, Holly got upset about that and told OTL that if he didn't take us to the Forest then we were never going to lick his ear again or give him a cuddle!

She can be so bossy!

Forest or Else!
We carried on discussing it all the way around the Sea Wall and at one point I sat down and refused to go any further!

No Further!
OTL said that if we were good puppies, then he would consider our suggestion!

Yes, Success!

As it turned out, the printer was still not behaving it's self and OTL was getting upset, so a good walk in the woods would help him get over it!

As soon as we got to the woods I was off like a streak of light, chasing the squirrels!

Super Fast Squirrel Chaser!
We had a great time, Holly was acting as Beater and I was Chaser and we managed to get seven squirrels run up the trees while we were there! I got close to grabbing one but it was just too fast!

One time we even chased two squirrels up the same tree!

Two Pesky Squirrels!
It was fun just watching them jump around and then when they thought we had gone, we would spring out of the bushes and chase them again!

I got very good at following their running along all the branches and up and down the trees!

Watching & Waiting!
Holly said she had a brilliant idea, instead of waiting for them to come down from the trees, she would go after them up the trees!

Super Squirrel Holly!
Well, that didn't work 'cos OTL called her back down and said that he wasn't going to carry her back to the car if she fell off and hurt herself!

So, it was back to watching and pouncing when we thought we had a chance!

We can still see you
It was a super time we had and we think that OTL enjoyed it as well and when he got home he had another try with the printer.

No luck, he still gets muddy pictures!

We have left him in the office mumbling dark curses at the computer and the printer, so the safest place for us is tucked up in our beds, just for a small snooze before going to bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. I can here those Squirrels laughing at you from here. never mind another day another Squirrel, or is it Wabbit.

    Tell OTL that I have a Spider 3 pro here if it is any help.

    See yer down a Wabbit hole somewhere. XXX

  2. Poor little squirrels being chased by two big puppies, well one big puppy and a bigger puppy. Now you are laying down the feet as to where you are wanting to be taken, I think OTL will soon say "On your bike".

  3. It looks like Holly is better at catching squirrels than you are.
    Can I order a hat from you girl, before the winter is out please?