Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday fun with the Family!

Yoo Hoo! Woofers!

It's us again!

Sunday can be fun some times and we had a really fun day today.

First of all, we went down the Sea Wall with Old Two Legs. Not so frosty as yesterday but the sun was out and so was the sea! Being Sunday, there were no Wormy Men digging in the mud.

We had a woof at the crow again and this time Holly chased the crow off his shell fish meal, that made him cross and he kept dive bombing Holly to drive her away. Trouble was, he didn't know what food means to Holly and she wasn't going to move until it had been investigated to the full!

In the end, Holly reckons it tastes a bit like the prawns The Missus likes and really wasn't Holly's favourite taste, unless she is starving!

So she let the crow have his meal back!

We met a couple of doggies we have met before and after a quick hello all round, we headed back for breakfast.

Hello Lads!
 After a brush and our breakfast, OTL decided that we had 'Mucky Chops' and were in need of a wash. Now, our 'Mucky Chops' come from chewing on the rawhide chews and we end up with the rawhide juice sticking to the fur around our mouth. Left over night, it hardens up and is not very comfortable when we want to put our chins on our paws for a snooze!

So OTL has a go a washing it off, well, first of all he sits me on his lap, then proceeds to wash my mouth and under my chin with a flannel dipped into warm water and doggy shampoo.

It's a bit yucky and the shampoo doesn't taste too good either. I wave my head around a bit trying to get away but OTL has a good hold on me and we finally get the hard bits soft and OTL pulls them off or cuts them off with the scissors.

I then get a good rub down with the towel and off I go with a damp snout!

Next it was Holly's turn.

Now Holly has never been too good with this obsession these Two Legs have for soap and water. So, sitting on OTL's lap she does what I do, wave her head about trying to get away from OTL.

This doesn't work too well 'cos OTL has a good hold of Holly so she can't jump down.

Holly has a trick that had OTL chuckling away as it happened.

Holly puts her head right back, under OTL's chin, so as OTL is washing Holly's chin he is washing the side of his face as well!

Then, as he carries on washing, she quickly turns her head, that means she has her nose under the other side of his chin. That results in him washing the other side of Holly's chin, and, at the same time, the other side of OTL's chin!

Poor OTL, he does try to do his best for us and he ends up getting all washed with doggy shampoo and smelling like a pampered woofer!

Talking of Pampered Woofers, we had a look at the calendar and see that we have an appointment in the morning with the hairdresser for a Shampoo & Set!

In this weather? He must be joking! I hope he brings our coats when he picks us up!

We had our morning snooze and were woken with the noise of The Boys arriving with the rest of the family for a Christmas Lunch. Holly likes that and we both make a big fuss of everyone. Holly also likes Christmas Dinner 'cos that means she gets to have Turkey for a change!

OTL got a present of a belt buckle (Bald Eagle) and a bottle of the finest Talisker Single Malt Whisky, one of OTL's favourite slurps!

You know why?

Tomorrow is his birthday, we reckon he must be getting on for a thousand years old, at least!

We had a good meal and even got to have a bash at the ice cream as well!

So, early to bed tonight 'cos we are up early for our hair cut and shampoo and of course, we have got to wake him up with a 'Happy Birthday Lick & Cuddle'

So, Bye Bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Well what a rumpus having your faces washed still I bet OTL does a good job.

    Wish him a Happy Birthday from Sue and I , don't let him drink all the whiskey.xx

  2. You are such good girls... we had a lovely day ! xx

  3. Hee he, OTL being a 1000 years old, now that made me laugh.
    Happy Birthday to OTL and you girls give him a good birthday licking.