Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday, Funday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Have we had a fun day today, first of all we went down to the Sea Wall for our morning walk and guess what we saw!

Yep, it was one of those TV vans with a satellite dish on the top and some man running around with a camera and a tripod! They were doing more interviews with more people who think the idea is daft!

Well, as we walked past they pleaded with us for an interview, we told them we were just 'too busy' and for them to talk to our agent!

Talk to our Agent!
That'll teach them!

Back home we loaded the car up with our stuff and some camera gear and headed off to Romney Marsh.

Old Two Legs was photographing some places for a web site. First of all we went for our walk around the field, just for a wee and to say 'hello' to the sheep.

After we had finished there, OTL took us down to St Margaret's Bay, a super sandy beach which goes on for miles! The best bit was, the tide was going out! It was WONDERFUL!

Look, SAND!!!
We ran and chased each other and chased the ball and OTL chased us and then we chased OTL and then we dug some holes in the sand!

Hole #1
Now we were having some serious fun!

We went one way along the beach and OTL was taking so many photo's that he used up all the battery and had to go back to the car for a new battery. We thought he was going to put us in the car and drive off. So, we ran the other way! Then OTL chased us and we still ran the other way. Then he got the ball and kicked it in the direction of the car and we chased after it, and then ran the other way, away from the car!

Catch us if you can!

It was great fun!

After he got a new battery, we went off in the other direction and we chased the ball, dug holes and chased some doggies we met.

There was one that looked almost like us!

Where do you come from?
 Holly said it could have been our other sister, so off she went and asked, 'What's your name and where do you come from'?

'Yer, my name's  Alfred and I come from Peckham, why?'

Holly decided we were not related and left him on the beach looking for a hole to dig!

Then we went back to digging holes again. Holly dug her hole in the sand and I dug mine, then Holly wanted to dig my hole in the sand and I wanted it to my self....................That's when the Fight Started!

Having 'Words' with Holly!
After about an hour, OTL took us back to the car and off we went to Dungeness where he took some more photo's. There was one where we could hear the man talking to a steam engine train thingy wotsit, which we thought was so funny. He started off by asking the engine how it's fire box was!

How's yer fire box?
Holly said that all engineers do funny things like that. OTL said that he used to be an engineer but not with steam engines. Holly said what more proof do we need!

I'm still on my Tea Break!
Then he says that he is on his tea break and there is no way the trains moving until he's finished!

We think he was just having a bad day, the engine we mean, not the engineer!

OTL spotted another old bit of machinery and took it's picture as well.

1934 Austin Seven
OTL and the man who owns it spent a long time talking about it and even lifted the bonnet to look at the engine!

Boring or wot!

Holly said that it makes a change to see something older than OTL!

After that we went for a run on the beach but this time it was all stones and no sand! We didn't mind too much 'cos there were some super sniffs on the beach that Holly and I had a roll in when OTL wasn't looking, he was too busy taking a photo of the Dungeness Light House!

Dungeness Lighthouse.
We slept all the way home and woke up just as we were driving into the village, just in time to say hello to The Missus and get some dinner down us!

So, off to bed now, it's been a long day, we have had a load of fun and it's been one of OTL's better 'Adventures'!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Wow, what a lovely day, all that sand and digging and running and chasing, no wonder you were worn out on the journey home. I loved reading all about it and it will be a long time before you get such an adventure again. xx

  2. Have you got sore paws Daisy after writing such a wonderful blog.

    Well done OTL on the pictures, very nice and sharp even with them two running about.

    You three certainly got about, Great blog. XX

  3. Daisy there are lots of things older than OTL but there are lots that are not.

    Nice day out

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your day ....nice to have you home again safe and sound xxx